Chris Harrison ‘lawyers up’ after The Bachelor scandal, is he ‘digging his own grave?’

Chris Harrison poses on the red carpet.
Chris Harrison is currently “exploring his options” with power attorney Bryan Freedman, according to reports. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Chris Harrison may be trying to take more control of his own destiny after he reportedly hired a top Hollywood lawyer amid The Bachelor racism controversy.

A source close to Chris told Page Six that he hired power attorney Bryan Freedman meaning he may potentially take legal action, or use the lawyer to defend himself, depending on how his future as part of the Bachelor franchise unfolds.

“Chris has had a spotless record for 20 years … He has always been the good company man, but, after the way he’s been treated by producers and executives over the past couple of weeks, he’s run out of cheeks to turn,” the source expressed.

The source then implied there could be more going on behind the scenes than fans realize, adding, “Now he’s ready to tell the truth about how things really work over there — and he has plenty of evidence to back him up.”

It’s important to note that Chris has not taken any legal action yet and hasn’t expressed if he does indeed plan to.

Freedman is the same lawyer who recently represented Gabrielle Union during her dispute with America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell, and NBC over racism claims.

What Chris lawyering up means

A separate source told The U.S. Sun that if Chris did choose to move forward with taking legal action against The Bachelor, his chances of returning to the show would drastically reduce.

While the chances were said to be “slim” before, he reportedly still had a chance of returning. However, the source claimed that Chris’s demeanor shifted after Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe were recently chosen to host The Bachelorette over him.

“Since announcing he won’t be hosting the Bachelorette, his behavior has changed so much more,” the source explained. “He’s become distant and calculating and doesn’t seem to want to cooperate anymore.”

Hiring lawyers has reportedly only pushed this alleged new agenda further in the eyes of production, and the source claims he may have blown his chances of ever returning.

“Now there’s word he has his own attorney which has rubbed everyone on production the wrong way,” the source continued. “He went from being defense to offense and he’s digging his own grave, really.”

Chris vowed he would return to The Bachelor

This news comes just weeks after Chris vowed he’d be returning to the franchise.

He appeared on Good Morning America to issue a verbal apology for defending Rachael Kirkconnell and dismissing Rachel Lindsay during an interview with her on Extra.

After facing backlash from that interview, Chris temporarily stepped down from his hosting duties with The Bachelor.

Chris expressed to Michael Strahan on the morning show that he was sorry to the communities that he hurt with his words. However, he added that he planned on returning to his hosting gig with the franchise.

While Rachel has accepted Chris’s GMA apology, Michael thought it was surface-level and a strategic move to get his job back.

Do you think Chris Harrison has a chance of returning to host The Bachelor?

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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