The Bachelor: Emmanuel Acho thinks Chris Harrison stepping down was the right move

Emmanuel Acho on A Very Late Show
Emmanuel Acho thinks Chris Harrison made the right move stepping down. Pic credit: Paramount+

Emmanuel Acho, The Bachelor’s temporary After The Final Rose host, thinks that Chris Harrison did the right thing by temporarily stepping away from the franchise.

Emmanuel appeared on Stephen Colbert’s A Late Show, streaming on Paramount+, to discuss the issue that led him to fill in for Chris Harrison during The Bachelor’s season finale special.

Colbert asked Acho whether he thinks Chris should leave the Bachelor franchise permanently.

While he’s unsure whether Chris should return, he believes Chris made the right move in stepping aside for the time being.

“I don’t believe in cancel culture. I do believe in accountability. And so right now, I think that he is taking accountability for his actions,” Emmanuel responded.

He stated that the decision about Chris returning is between Chris, production, and alumni and future cast members on the show.

“Should he return to that role? You have to decide what’s in the best interest for Chris Harrison, what’s in the best interest for the show and the executive producers, but also, what’s in the best interest of the cast,” He explained.

“They’re trying to commit to diversity. You had your first black Bachelor,” he continued. “What’s in the best interest in all three of those primary parties at play and make the decision that serves the most good.”

Emmanuel Acho calls out Chris Harrison’s behavior during Rachel Lindsay interview

Emmanuel also addressed the issue that put Chris in hot water, to begin with: his interview with Rachel Lindsay.

He explained how Chris defended Rachael Kirkconnell after pictures of her in Antebellum attire posing at a plantation were discovered on her social media.

Before Rachael had the chance to speak out, denouncing her actions, Chris defended her, saying what she did was socially acceptable for that time.

Emmanuel thinks the backlash surrounding Chris’s words was justified.

“We’ve all kind of acknowledged and called to the attention, ‘No no no, in 2018, it was just as bad.’ We are more aware now, but 2018 acknowledging and dressing in the attire of an Antebellum south plantation is just as bad as it is right now today,” he expressed.

What to expect for After The Final Rose

As Chris used to tease, this year’s ATFR will be nothing like any previous finale special.

Not only will Chris not be hosting for the first time in Bachelor history, but there has been plenty of controversy swirling around Matt’s alleged final pick.

With Emmanuel as host, there will be plenty of challenging but important conversations about diversity.

Rachael will appear on TV for the first time since her actions were exposed, and so will Matt, and both will likely have plenty to say.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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