The Bachelor: Mara Agrait calls out Clayton Echard for not following what he says he’s looking for

Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait calls Clayton Echard out. Pic credit: ABC

On Monday’s episode of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Episode 6, it looks as if Clayton gets the third degree from Mara as she rakes him over the coals about whether or not he’s really looking for his wife.

As Bachelor Nation has seen so far this season, Clayton has made some poor choices in not listening to the majority of the house and keeping Shanae around, even after almost every remaining girl has told him otherwise.

Mara Agrait confronts Clayton Echard, what does she say to him?

In the preview for Monday’s episode, we see Mara confront Clayton during their one-on-one time on the evening portion of the group date. Clayton starts their conversation with a bright smile, as he asks Mara how she’s doing.

His demeanor immediately changes, as does his facial expressions, once Mara starts in. She cuts right to the chase as she states, “You know, I’ve been nothing but honest with you. I’ve been vulnerable. I’ve been sweet, cute, flirty. I’ve done literally everything that you say that you’re looking for. And I’m getting nothing in return.”

Mara goes on to say, “You’ve been adamant about saying that you’re looking for a wife and looking for children and long term. But…women that you’re directing your attention to don’t reflect that.”

Clayton responds by asking Mara, “What is it specifically that you know that they’re not here for a marriage?”

Mara claims, “Some have been openly vocal about that. And others is just…age.”

Clayton comes back saying, “I do know that Sarah is the youngest one in the house.”

And Mara responds back with, “She’s definitely one of the people that I would think that is maybe not fully ready.”

How does Clayton feel about hearing this information?

Clayton states in the off-camera confessional that “Mara feels that there are some women here that are here just for a good time, admitting that it’s Sarah that she’s speaking about. And I wanna make sure that I’m making the right decisions.”

Mara and Clayton’s discussion does end with a hug, so it seems their talk did end well and on a positive note. It also looks as if Clayton is going to search out Sarah and have a conversation with her on whether she is ready for such a commitment.

The tension between Mara and Sarah Hamrick continues…

Mara and Sarah have had their issues the past week, specifically during the last group date, where the women roasted each other…and Clayton. Sarah continually made digs about Mara’s age, since she is the oldest woman in the house at the age of 32, and Sarah is the youngest at 23.

It seems as if there is tension between the two women, and Clayton will need to find out if Sarah is, in fact, ready for marriage and kids at such a young age. Will Mara change Clayton’s mind about Sarah, or will it just be another discussion where he listens but continues to do his own thing?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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Winston-Vicki Lehman
Winston-Vicki Lehman
1 year ago

Mara needs to tend to her own business…not others’. She will soon be gone, hooray.

1 year ago

There is no chemistry between her and Clayton bye bye Mara.