The Bachelor fans think Peter Weber is at Kelley Flanagan’s house based on this clue

Peter Weber on The Bachelor
Peter Weber is likely staying at Kelley Flanagan’s house. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s season on The Bachelor may not have left him empty-handed after all. After moving from Hannah Ann to Madison Prewett, now, Peter is rumored to be dating Kelley Flanagan.

And while Peter and Kelley haven’t confirmed the news themselves yet, another Bachelor Nation alum Clay Harbor did, telling viewers during an Instagram Live session with Chris Randone that they are definitely dating.

But has Peter been spending time with Kelley since he was spotted not practicing social distancing? The Bachelor fans are convinced that he is, and they have proof.

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Is Peter Weber at Kelley Flanagan’s house?

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Peter is still flying planes for Delta Airlines as most Americans hunker down and shelter in place to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

And he may just be using Kelley Flanagan’s place as a crash pad when he’s in Chicago.

Eagle-eyed Bachelor fans believe that Peter has been sharing Tik Tok videos that he made while staying at Kelley’s place, and it’s all because of a telltale rug seen in one of them that is a perfect match to a rug in a photo that she shared.

In the Instagram post below, Peter can be seen dancing in another nearly unbearable Tik Tok video. If you scroll over to the next picture, Kelley is seen posing with luggage in nearly the same spot.

In the background of both Peter’s video and Kelley’s photo, you can see the same rug and fireplace.

Bachelor Nation reacts to Peter and Kelley dating

It’s pretty obvious, at this point, that Hannah Ann is over Peter, and Hannah Brown is keeping herself busy with Tyler Cameron as they spend their quarantine teasing us all from Florida.

And while it seems that Bachelor viewers are really ready to move on from Peter Weber, some are excited to see him spending time with Kelley Flanagan again.

“I’m here for it if they’re both really ready for it,” one commenter wrote about Peter and Kelley dating.

Others are more concerned with Peter’s dancing skills — or the lack thereof.

One person even wrote, “Never mind the apartment. Can we get a confirmation on whether or not Peter was being serious with the dancing? Because yikes. Lol. But do your thing I guess…”

Even more, fans seemed to think that both Kelley and Peter are flaunting their time together in an effort to extend their collective 15 minutes and others seemed to think that Kelley is way too good for “wishy-washy” Peter.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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