Bachelor star Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan spotted in Chicago: Fans are furious over their behavior

Peter and Kelley
Peter and Kelley were just spotted together in Chicago. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently single.

But it seems like he’s ready to mingle — with an old flame.

Peter was spotted in Chicago with his best friend Dustin and a familiar face.

He was hanging out with none other than Kelley Flanagan, who lives in the city.

And while some Bachelor fans may be excited about this reunion, it’s the timing and how things played out that have some people downright furious.

Bachelor star Peter Weber spotted flirting with Kelley Flanagan

Reality Steve shared a few pictures with people, showing Peter and Kelley hanging out together near the Riverwalk in Chicago.

In the photos, the two are sitting together talking. In another photo, Peter is holding Kelley over his shoulder, almost like he’s pretending to fly her around like an airplane.

It may not come as the biggest surprise, but the two have actually stayed in contact since the show ended. Plus, Peter’s mom Barbara has revealed that she really loves Kelley.

Maybe Peter is pursuing Kelley because his mom really likes her.

While Kelley has denied that they dating right now, anything could happen in the future. Right?

Peter and Kelley actually met prior to him filming The Bachelor. The two met in a hotel lobby and that’s when Kelley revealed that she was going on the show and Peter shared that he was the chosen Bachelor.

Even though the other women in the house were a bit threatened by this, it didn’t help Kelley out in the end. She was sent packing just before the hometown dates.

Bachelor fans are pissed at both Peter and Kelley

A month ago, the responses may have been different. But today, people were furious after seeing them together.

The reason? They are supposed to stay at home.

As one person noted, Peter and Kelley were both irresponsible for not self-isolating to protect others. The person then provided the stats for Illinois.

Another person pointed to the fact that the two were not social distancing. They were sitting super close and did not have six feet in between them.

One person simply wrote that she was disappointed in Kelley for hanging out with Peter again. Peter has been labeled a horrible bachelor for the way he handled himself on the show.

However, it seems like Kelley doesn’t seem to mind him, as she’s clearly ready to entertain him in Chicag0 — and break all the rules, apparently.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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