Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan: Bachelor star’s family follows her on IG after rumors of a hookup

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s family seems to really like Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan was sent home before the hometown dates, and despite his choices, Peter Weber didn’t end up with a happy ending on this season of The Bachelor.

He proposed to Hannah Ann during the finale in Australia but realized it was the wrong choice for him.

Chris Harrison tried to play matchmaker with Madison, flying to Auburn, Alabama, to let her know that Peter was single.

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While Peter’s mom Barbara didn’t seem impressed by the development, Peter was eager to see if there could be something between them.

And while Peter could still be trying to win over Madison, it appears that Peter’s mom wants to be friendly with Kelley Flanagan.

Kelley Flanagan could still be linked to Peter Weber

So, what’s the deal with these two?

Reality Steve reported this week that Peter’s family follows her on Instagram.

He also reports that there are rumors that Peter spent a weekend with Kelley and that they hooked up after he ended his engagement with Hannah Ann.

Steve reveals that he can’t confirm anything, but he can add that she’s not pregnant despite what some people would say. With that, he adds that where there is smoke, there is fire.

He then referenced Barbara, Peter’s mom, reaching out to Kelley on Instagram.

Kelley and Barb
Barbara is commenting on Kelley’s IG. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

As we’ve previously reported, Kelley wasn’t invited to the Women Tell All special even though she had people talking throughout the season.

And then, surprisingly, she showed up during the live finale for the After The Final Rose.

Fans believed that ABC had invited her to save face, but many viewers also thought it could be because Peter had pursued her after sending her home.

There was a theory that Kelley won this season of The Bachelor and they were going to announce a new relationship during the finale.

Now, based on Peter’s mom’s comment on Instagram, maybe she’s trying to get them to rekindle their relationship.

Is Kelley Flanagan part of Peter’s playboy rumors?

In that same article, Reality Steve adds that there will be rumors about Peter hooking up with women since filming ended.

“I cannot stress this enough. You are going to start seeing stories of Peter with other women over these last few months, you’re gonna see stories about how last night was a complete joke, Peter and Madi aren’t even together, they did it for show, Peter is with Kelley, Peter is with Julie, Peter is with some other women – you’re going to hear it all,” Steve writes.

“One thing I do know now is this season was an absolute dumpster fire and I believe nothing that I saw last night when it came to Peter and Madi,” he concludes, writing that things will not end well for Peter.

It will be interesting to see what rumors end up coming to the surface and if Peter has indeed been with other women in between his proposal with Hannah Ann and the finale airing this past Monday on ABC.

The Bachelor returns next January 2021 on ABC.

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