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The Bachelor fans beg Matt James to shave his beard

matt james
Matt James’ fans would love him to shave off the full beard he has sported for the past several months. Pic credit: Instagram/Matt James

The Bachelor fans are begging Season 25 lead Matt James to shave his beard, preferring him with the more close-cut facial hair he sported on the series.

Their commentary came on the heels of a new image posted by Matt’s mom Patty of her son and his girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell at a sports game. Patty took the snap of the happy couple where they cuddled in their seats as Rachal leaned in close to her beau wearing a sports jersey. Matt donned a dark-colored shirt and bucket hat but it appeared that all fans could focus on was his facial hair.

Matt began to grow out his beard following the conclusion of the last scenes he taped with Rachael at Pennsylvania’s Nemacolin resort.

By the time Matt appeared on the Emmanuel Acho-hosted The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, he had a full beard.

Today, his facial hair has grown out even fuller, covering the bottom half of his face.

In Patty’s photo, it appeared that his girlfriend Rachael didn’t mind the addition to Matt’s handsome face, but many of the reality star’s fans appeared to have a different point of view.

Matt’s followers would like him to remove his facial hair

Many of Matt’s followers feel strongly that they would like him to shave his facial hair. They shared their commentary regarding Patty’s post, hopeful their remarks would do the trick.

“Great picture but please Matt…get rid of the beard!!” wrote one fan.

matt james
Matt James fans would love him to remove the beard he has grown since the conclusion of The Bachelor Season 25. Pic credit: Instagram/Patty James

“Amen! It is horrible,” penned a second fan.

matt james
Fans appeared to be in agreement that Matt looked better without the extra facial hair. Pic credit: Instagram/Patty James

“Tha beard tho….” claimed a third follower.

“I thought I was the only one that didn’t like it! Lol!! Shane [sic] to cover up that handsome face,” remarked a fourth Instagram user.

Patty James appears to have given her blessing to Rachael and Matt’s union

After initially expressing some reservations about their union, Patty may have changed her outlook on the couple’s relationship after she posted the above snap.

Patty famously spoke out about her son falling in love too fast during his season of The Bachelor, telling him that while feelings come and go and people fall in and out of love, “love is not the end all be all” in a relationship.

This remark would later help turn the tides of Matt’s feelings toward Rachael. He did not present her with an engagement ring at the end of their season and instead, promised to commit to her as they continued to explore their feelings for one another off-camera.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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