The Bachelor: Clayton Echard just can’t get away from the shrimp

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard can’t get away from the word shrimp. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard, the current Bachelor and leading man, is now down to his final four women. This means that he has four hometown visits to meet each of these women’s families and friends in the upcoming episode.

Clayton will not only travel to Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Susie Evans’ hometown visit, but he will go to Orlando, Florida, for Rachel Recchia’s, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for Serene Russell’s, and Denver, Colorado, for Gabby Windey’s.

Susie Evans takes Clayton Echard to try Jiujitsu during hometowns and one of the moves they learn is called shrimping

When Clayton went to Susie’s hometown date to visit, he was in for a surprise, as Susie took him to do some Jiujitsu.

This is something that Susie is very passionate about and that she practices herself. She says in the preview how excited she is to share this part of herself with Clayton during her hometown visit.

As one of the instructors is demonstrating a move on another instructor, he is talking through the process to show Clayton what Susie is going to be doing when they try the move on each other. While he is showing the move, he tells Susie and Clayton that the move is called “shrimping,” meaning she gets her hips away.

At first, Clayton thought he had misheard the instructor, so he asks him, “It’s called what?”

The instructor then answered with, “Shrimping. Right? She sorta makes that shrimp…”

But Susie interrupts his explanation by laughing and exclaiming, “It’s called shrimping. This is it. You can’t make this up.”

Clayton, also smiling and laughing with Susie states, “We just can’t get away from shrimp.” The preview then moves to an off-camera confessional where Clayton declares, “I’ve had shrimp follow me throughout this entire journey. It’s never going away, apparently.”

What other moves do Clayton and Susie try?

After Clayton and Susie get over the giggles of shrimping being one of the names of the Jiujitsu moves, they move on to a different move. Susie, in an off-camera interview, says, “Today, we’re gonna find out if Clayton likes being choked.”

After putting the specified move on Clayton, he taps out, coughs, and gulps in air. Susie, again laughing, asks if he’s okay. Clayton, his face red, says he’s good and told her not to worry about it.

Susie, when referencing her earlier question about whether or not Clayton likes to be choked, smiles really big and states, “Turns out, he does.”

What was the deal with shrimp during this season of The Bachelor?

Fans will always remember this season for the Shrimpgate scandal between Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan and all that transpired after that night of the shrimp.

After Elizabeth made the women shrimp, and Shanae ate the majority of it, Shanae made her own. She then had a pity party because people didn’t want her shrimp, and it became a whole ordeal that kept popping back up in the weeks after until Clayton finally sent Shanae packing.

What else will happen during Susie’s hometown date? How will the other three women fair with their hometown visits? Tune in to Monday night’s episode to find out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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