Thais Ramone adorable in pink with daughter Aleesi for latest milestone

90 Day Fiance star Thais Ramone close-up
Thais Ramones twins in pink with her daughter Aleesi. Pic credit: TLC

Thais Ramone and her husband Patrick Mendes are first-time parents after welcoming their daughter Aleesi a few months ago.

Now that the toddler is officially four months old, and it’s no surprise that the 90 Day Fiance stars are celebrating the milestone with their baby girl.

The happy couple took to social media with a small cake and balloons in the background to share the big moment with their followers.

Thais dressed her mini-me in an adorable pink onesie with ruffles down the front and a pink headband.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian model matched her newborn in pink, rocking a simple pink t-shirt and matching biker shorts.

In the video, Patrick held their little dog, Theo, in one hand, and Aleesi’s birthday cake in another, while Thais held on to her daughter.

They sang the birthday song and then blew out the candle on the cake, and little Aleesi curiously looked around before getting a sweet kiss from her dad.

Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes celebrate four months with their baby girl

The proud parents seem to be enjoying all the new moments that they’ve been experiencing with Aleesi, and the cute video was posted on Instagram by Thais.

“4 months of our baby girl ?? 4 mesinhos genteee,” she wrote in the caption. “what fruit should i give her to try first?”

After sharing the post online, the video was met with a slew of sweet comments.

“She is absolutely adorable!!! Happy 4 months!!!! ??????,” wrote one Instagram user.

“What a beautiful family! She is Patrick’s twin! Wow :)” said someone else.

Another commenter added, “You are a really great couple and having your baby makes you really special.. God has Blessed you.”

Thais Ramone comments
Pic credit: @thaisramoniee/Instagram

Thais also got a lot of ideas from other moms as to what foods she should feed Aleesi now that she can officially start eating solid food.

“??❤️? bananas! They usually love bananas! ❤️ She’s adorable!” wrote one commenter.

“Start with veggies ? ? But don’t change them every day just to see if she has a allergic reaction,” suggested someone else.

Another person told the new mom to “try the rice cereal mixed with puree bananas mixed with formula ❤️.”

Thais Ramone comments
Pic credit: @thaisramoniee/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Thais Ramone promotes SHEGLAM

In another recent post, the gorgeous new mom promoted SHEGLAM by using their blush and lip gloss to create a stunning look online, with the help of Patrick who did the funny voiceover.

SHEGLAM is a cosmetics company that specializes in cruelty-free products ranging from eyeshadow palettes, foundation, and lip liners, to beauty tools and personal care products.

The low-cost makeup items start at $2, with many items selling for less than $5. The SHEGLAM blush that Thais used in her tutorial is from the Love Dive Collection and retails for $4.99.

There are also more expensive options such as the Frida Kahlo Collection, which retails for $46.99.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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