Temptation Island’s Kady Cannon answers some interesting questions about what it was actually like on the island

During Season 1, Kady mingled with the single boys who were vying for her attention. Pic credit: USA Network

On the heels of the premiere of Season 3, Episode 2 of Temptation Island, Kady Cannon, who went onto the island with then-boyfriend John in Season 1, answered fan questions about her experience on the show.

Lovers of the show jumped at the opportunity to ask a wide variety of questions, and Kady answered them all in-depth and threw some humor into it too.

Life on the island seems like it is lived in a bubble for the couples and singles participating, and for Season 3, it is done in a literal quarantine bubble because of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, supporters of the show are eager to find out more about the experience from someone with firsthand knowledge.

Questions about realness on Temptation Island were abundant

Temptation Island viewers are curious to know just how disconnected the cast is. One person asked, “While on TI, is it true you couldn’t get on any of you(r) social media”?

Kady replied, “Very very true (crying face emoji) no phones at all! No computers, no radio, no news, no outside communication whatsoever”.

Kady explains how no one was allowed access to social media or the outside world. Pic credit: @kadycannon313/Instagram

There was a very poignant question asked, pivotal to the core of the show. Someone asked, “Did people know if they wanted to break up early in the game or did it take the full process”?

Kady remarked “It 1000% required the full process. Most of us were pretty torn even days/hours leading up to the final bonfire”.

Kady answers questions about the authenticity of the relationships. Pic credit: @kadycannon313/Instagram

When Kady left the island alone after making a connection with single Johnny, viewers wanted to know if her connection with him was real to which Kady said, “Yes. Everything was real on the show. The experiences, the connections, the heartache, the friendships, the romance, all of it”.

Since there was a lot of partying done on the Island, one fan asked, “Did you just drink all day lol or was there a schedule”?

Kady commented, “Definitely a schedule! Especially for the 8 main cast members, we had to do a lot of interviews every day. There were plenty of hours on certain days that we could lounge and drink though. I truly miss it (sad face emoji)”.

With all the drinking on the show, Kady answered a question about how often they can drink. Pic credit: @kadycannon313/Instagram

What about the funny questions?

The only time the living quarters of the singles were shown was on Season 1 when Kathryn stirred up drama with Evan and the squabble was taken into the girl’s dorm so they could talk to Morgan. What we saw were rows of bunk beds in a room, dormitory-style.

The sleeping arrangements for the singles were a far cry from those of the people in relationships, who get their own rooms with big beds. Fans naturally wanted to know more, and Kady received backup responses from her castmates which she shared.

The question read, “Do the single guys have to share rooms or do they each get their own like the girls”?

Kady replied, “NO! The poor guys had to share a little 2 bedroom guest/pool house! They crammed 12 full-grown men into like a 500 sq foot apartment with bunk beds”. Her answer confirmed that the single guys’ situation is no better than the single girls.

Kady then went on to show a reply to her post from one of the singles from Season 1, Roman, who chimed in that, “It was worse than a dorm room, and the AC was stuck on like 55. We froze every night lol, me, Van, Carlos, and Ty slept in the kitchen and were woke(n) up to Johnny fixing breakfast every morning at like 7 am lol”.

Kady answers questions about what the living situation was like for the singles. Pic credit: @kadycannon313/Instagram

Temptation Island brings four couples at a tumultuous time in their relationship, to a romantic island to date other people in an effort to figure out if they are meant for each other, should break up, or if one of the singles is a better option.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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