The differences between Season 1 and 2 of Temptation Island

A scene from Season 1 of Temptation Island.
A scene from Season 1 of Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA

Temptation Island is USA Networks’ latest reality sensation and has been very popular among shows of its kind, ranking in the 85.8th percentile in the Reality genre. Fans are drawn to the drama-inducing premise and the assortment of good-looking people from the singles to the couples.

Season 1 and 2 shared a lot of similarities, from the show structure to the filming location, but there were a few differences fans could pick up on. By looking at the differences between Season 1 and 2 you can get a feel for what’s in store for newly premiered Season 3.

Mixers and bonfires got better

In the beginning of the journey on Season 1, the couples got to spend more time together before being launched into mixers with the couples. Season 2 had the couples divide and mingle right after having their first group talk with host Mark Walberg.

The parties at the guys villa also got better in Season 2, when the single ladies kept coming up with different themed parties for everyone to dress up and get wild.

During the bonfires in Season 1, Mark asked each of the participants if they wanted to watch the videos of their significant others by themselves or share them with group. Every bonfire, both the boys and the girls wanted to share the videos with the group, which seemed to further their bond with each other. There was only one time when Kaci watched her video alone. In Season 2, they eliminated the choice to watch privately.

The Season 2 singles from Temptation Island
Season 2 singles with enjoy a mixer at the guys villa. Pic credit: USA Network

Eliminations of the singles changed

To narrow down the love interests for the people in relationships, eliminations take place. In Season 1, they first eliminated one person per villa, then 2 more later on, followed by everyone but one person for each individual in a relationship.

Season 2 did it a little differently. They had an elimination of two people, and later on, Mark told the four men and women to eliminate as many or as few as they would like. In an effort to help the participants in relationships to get closer to the singles that will help them with their journey the most, they did it this way.

Mark Walberg tells the women about the next elimination on Temptation Island
Mark tells the girls about the next elimination on Season 2. Pic credit: USA Network

One thing that hasn’t changed? The fact that everyone on this show is good looking and charismatic.

Temptation Island puts couples at a crossroads on an island to date single men and women. These couples will ultimately make the decision to stay together, go home alone, or go home with someone else.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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