Where is Temptation Island filmed?

Temptation Island cast
The couples walk along the pristine beaches of Maui, Hawaii before starting their journey. Pic credit: USA Network

As Season 3 of Temptation Island jumps off and the show itself is receiving favorable reviews, viewers are wondering where the hit reality show is filmed. This latest season was filmed amid the pandemic, adding to the curiosity.

Throughout each episode, there are beautiful panned shots of a lush tropical island full of waterfalls, and crystal clear water. On top of that, during the dates the couples go on with the singles, they participate in all sorts of fun activities, from ziplining and ATV rides, to catamarans and snuba diving (snorkeling and scuba diving combined).

All three seasons of TI were actually filmed in Maui, Hawaii. This dynamic island does not have a shortage of beauty or activities and sets the scene for a romantic getaway.

Why Maui?

Maui is Hawaii’s second-largest island and is known as a world-class tropical destination for its pristine beaches, deep green valleys, and killer sunsets.

Hiking, horseback riding, and ziplining are among popular land activities on the island, while surfing, boating, and beach lounging are popular water activities.

Temptation Island has not always been filmed at the same location on Maui, since there are 727.2 square miles of land to choose from on the island. The private villas for the guys and girls have been at different places each season.

A panoramic clip of the island before the date selection. Pic credit: USA Network

Most notably, on the first season, production used a beach front villa in the exclusive and ultra-expensive area of Maui called Kāʻanapali.

During Temptation Island’s original three-season run in the 2000s, islands in Belize, Honduras, and Costa Rica were used as filming locations.

How did Season 3 get around the pandemic?

Filming commenced for this season in August of 2020 and wrapped up in October, after production got approval from the state of Hawaii.

The network chose to have the cast and crew, of over 100 people, live at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort in a quarantine bubble so that safety guidelines, CDC restrictions, and state and local orders could be observed.

The date selection takes place at a villa in a quarantine bubble on the island. Pic credit: USA Network

The mayor of Maui, Victor Victorino, voiced his concerns about allowing film production on the island as they were dealing with a COVID-19 spike but was ultimately overpowered by the state’s filming commission.

The mayor said that while he wasn’t keen about it all, he would not stand in the way of the show’s production return because it would be beneficial for the hotel employees and workers at Andaz Maui.

Temptation Island follows four couples at a pivotal time in their relationship. The couples separate and date other people to figure out if their significant other is truly right for them, or whether they are better off alone or with someone else.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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