Teen Mom OG viewers react after Tyler’s friend comments on having kids after 30

Catelynn Baltierra talks with husband Tyler and friend Alexa about having another baby.
Catelynn Lowell talks with her husband, Tyler, and their friend, Alexa, about having another baby. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler Baltierra is a teen dad and now that he and Catelynn have welcomed three children into the world, he’s torn about whether he wants another. After all, he’s coming up on a milestone birthday next year and according to Tyler, turning 30 just might make him too old for a newborn.

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we first see Catelynn and Tyler at home, hanging out with their friend, Alexa, while Nova is in school.

Alexa says to them, “So I know you guys were eventually planning to have another baby. When were you guys thinking, though?”

Tyler says, “I want one, but I’m scared, I want one, but I don’t.” Alexa then says, “Just bang it out before 30.”

Tyler responds by cursing and making an exasperated gesture with both hands.

“You don’t want to be having kids in your 30s”

Then Alexa chimes in again, saying, “You don’t want to be having kids in your 30’s.”

Tyler emphatically replies that he does not.

Catelynn joins the conversation, bringing up how she feels like three kids would be a lot. She voices how stressed she was with their last pregnancy (with daughter Vaeda) mostly due to her and Tyler separating, and that she even considered terminating the pregnancy.

Tyler, Caitlyn and their friend Alexa talk kids
Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra talk with their friend, Alexa, about whether to have another baby. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler asks Catelynn what she wants to do, and neither of them seem 100 percent sure about having another kid. The topic of gender selection has come up between them recently, as Tyler has expressed he adamantly wants a son.

Tyler then acknowledges that with pregnancy, he has the “easy” part, stating that Catelynn is the one who has to carry it, birth it, and endure the pain.

“Just do it,” says friend Alexa

Their friend Alexa decidedly says, “Just do it,” to which Catelynn sighs and looks disinterested in the conversation.

Though seemingly detached about the topic, Catelynn has talked in the past about wanting another child after her miscarriage last year.

Catelynn then takes out her frustration on her youngest daughter, Vaeda, who gets up to play while Catelynn is in the middle of giving her a pedicure, telling her, “Come on, I was almost done, you suck.”

Fans of the hit MTV show have showed mixed reactions to Alexa telling Catelynn and Tyler that they don’t want to have kids after the age of 30.

Fans commented on Teen Mom OG’s Instagram account, with most agreeing that Catelynn and Tyler should wait to have another baby, if at all.

Other fans discussed Alexa’s comment about not wanting to have kids after 30. The reactions seem to be split down the middle.

When one follower asked what is wrong with having kids after 30, another fan replied, explaining that Tyler and Catelynn starting having kids at age 16, so it’s understandable they would want to be done by age 30.

Other fans got into heated discussions about Catelynn and Tyler perpetually thinking of possible career choices, yet seemingly spending most of their time on their sofas, despite having so many advantages at their disposal.

Another follower commented, “I don’t blame them. I always wanted another before I was 30, too.”

Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Several viewers commented on Teen Mom’s Instagram page that the Baltierra’s struggle raising the two daughters they currently have, and having another baby would add more unnecessary drama to their lives.

Catelynn and Tyler had their first daughter, Carly, at age 16 and placed her for adoption. Many fans voiced that having a baby so young forced them to grow up quickly.

Still more fans commented that the couple needs to find more stability in their lives before talking about having another baby. At times, it’s uncomfortable to watch Catelynn and Tyler seem so conflicted.

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