Catelynn Lowell from Teen Mom OG wants ‘one more baby’ after heartbreaking miscarriage

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra opened up about her recent miscarriage.
Catelynn is holding out hope she and her husband Tyler will still expand their family. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra from Teen Mom OG wants “one more baby” after her heartbreaking miscarriage.

Last month Catelynn suffered a miscarriage only days after learning she was pregnant with her fourth child. Catelynn shared the sad news with fans at the beginning of December, discussing the heartbreak she and her husband Tyler felt.

The main reason Catelynn shared her story was to let other women who have suffered a miscarriage know they are not alone. It was painful to open up about her loss, mostly since Catelynn and Tyler were in the thick of the grieving process.

As the Christmas holiday nears, Catelyn used social media to update fans on how she was doing and her one wish for the magical season.

One more baby

Catelyn got real in a Facebook post that she then reshared via her Instagram Story.

“I just want one more baby. Is that too much to wish for/want? I pray that the Lord will bless us with one more. If not, I am absolutely grateful for the three healthy, beautiful girls that we do have,” the MTV personality revealed.

Catelynn miscarriage message
Pic credit: @catelynnmtv/Instagram

She then went on to reveal the pain from the miscarriage was so real. Catelynn admitted the sadness comes in waves.

The reality TV star and her husband are parents to 5-year-old Novalee and 1-year-old Vaeda. They are also the birth parents to 11-year-old Carly, who Catelynn and Tyler gave up for adoption but get to see occasionally.

Catelynn pain message
Pic credit: @catelynnmtv/Instagram

Catelynn also suffered a miscarriage in 2017. They shared the heartbreaking story on Teen Mom OG in 2018.

Enduring hate and lies amid tragedy

Tyler and Catelynn received an outpouring of love from fans after the miscarriage announcement. Unfortunately, the couple also endured some hate and lies while dealing with their terrible loss.

Rumors the couple was headed for divorce began to swirl. Catelynn quickly shut those down with a Twitter post sharing loving photos of her and Tyler.

Then online trolls began to speculate Catelynn made up the story, claiming she was never pregnant. One hater expressed Catelynn thought she was pregnant then got her period.

The Teen Mom OG star quashed that hate with one Tweet.

“Yes, it was! I WOULDNT lie about something like that! TF?” she wrote.

Pic credit: @CatelynnLowell/Twitter

Despite all the trolls, Catelynn Lowell continues to share how she has been doing since having a miscarriage last month.

The MTV personality wants another baby with her husband, Tyler Baltierra, but first, she must heal from her loss. It was certainly not the way the couple had hoped to be ending the year.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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