Tyler Baltierra has baby fever and wants a boy but Catelynn says another girl is probably on the way for Teen Mom couple

Tyler and Catelynn
Teen Mom OG couple Tyler and Catelynn have baby fever. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have three kids together, but only two of them live with the couple in Michigan.

As part of their 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG storylines, Tyler and Catelynn gave up their first-born daughter Carly for adoption.

The two of them would later have two girls as they started a family together.

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And now, they are already thinking about adding another baby to the mix. As it turns out, Tyler is ready to go.

Tyler and Catelynn have major baby fever

The two sat down for an interview, where they dished on their baby plans.

It’s no secret that they want more children and fans are just wondering when it will happen.

“My baby fever is insane!” Tyler revealed to PEOPLE magazine. “We’re not done yet. We just love being parents too much.”

And he already knows what he wants.

“I want a boy. I want a boy so bad,” he says. “I told Cate, I don’t really want another kid, I just want a boy.”

But it sounds like Catelynn thinks the odds are against them.

“But with our luck, it probably would be another girl,” Catelynn chimed in, as the two already have three daughters together.

Tyler and Catelynn have a plan for more children

As it turns out, a pregnancy may happen sooner rather than later. Catelynn reveals she’d love to be pregnant right now.

“I want to be done with kids before I’m 30,” she explained. She’s currently 27 years old, and one more child may not be enough.

Tyler and Catelynn love their family and purchased a larger farmhouse a few years ago. They have been renovating it and could be planning on living there forever with a large family.

And, with three years before she turns 30, Catelynn could pop out another three kids if they start now.

While the couple has faced pregnancy rumors, they have also faced their fair share of divorce rumors. Ever since Tyler needed some time to himself and suggested a temporary break during Teen Mom OG, the couple has been subject to divorce rumors.

No divorce appears to be in the cards for these two, but Catelynn did share that she would be open to divorce if she didn’t see herself in their marriage anymore.

As she pointed out, she wasn’t with Tyler because she needed him. She was with him because she wanted him.

Teen Mom OG returns on March 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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