Teen Mom OG: Tyler Baltierra shares selfie, written piece about survival

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG shared a selfie with his followers and an inspiring message to go along with it.

In the selfie, Tyler stood in front of a mirror in a black t-shirt and had a serious look on his face.

He captioned his photo, “I know life can be super hard sometimes But I promise you get stronger with time So please don’t give up yet Start working on that checklist”

“Because you’re more than worthy & deserving to make more memories With people that love you, so please wait”

“You can make it through another day Don’t give in to what those demons say Your journey isn’t meant to end this way Fight for your life & manifest your escape “Into spiritual wealth & mental grace”

“Because you’re capable of survival… Which starts today!”

“I know at least one person out there needs to read this & may not feel okay…if that person is you, please keep going. Your SURVIVAL is VITAL to this world in so many ways! Tyler”

Tyler has always loved writing

Tyler has made it no secret that he has always loved writing. In a 2018 tweet, Tyler detailed his love of penmanship, saying, “I have always loved writing & as a kid I used to write poetry, I had pages full of it!”

“But I gave it up when I got a little older & ended up throwing it all away. I’ve been inspired recently to pick it back up & I’m on a mission to refill my notebook!” 

Tyler has co-authored one book and considered writing a self-help book

Tyler has already co-authored one book with his wife Catelynn in 2015, titled Conquering Chaos. In the book, the couple chronicled their life journeys dealing with traumatic childhoods and placing their first daughter, Carly for adoption in 2009.

Tyler even considered writing a self-help book addressing mental health and his marriage struggles with Catelynn. 

Like Tyler wrote in his post, he uses writing as a form of release. He used the hashtag #WritingIsHealing in his caption.

Tyler has plenty of healing to overcome in his 29 years of life. He has been open on the show about his struggles with his dad Butch’s addiction battles and frequent stints in jail when Tyler was a child.

Tyler knows a thing or two about survival

Tyler used poetry as a way to admit to attempting suicide at the tender age of 11. He shared the harrowing details in a 2018 Instagram post, written in the third person.

In an excerpt of his poem he wrote, “He grabs that rope, ties it around his neck, then jumps with the weight of all his emotions & he can’t seem to cope with all that, which makes that rope snap back. He grabs that rope as it starts to choke, he’s gasping for air, now he’s losing hope.”

Although Tyler has dealt with his own mental health issues, he’s been a strong supporter of Catelynn during her many battles with mental illness. When Catelynn went to treatment for her childhood trauma and PTSD, Tyler held down the fort at home with their daughter, Nova.

Fans of the show have come to know Tyler as a strong and steady emotional presence in Catelynn and their daughters’ lives. Viewers can look forward to seeing their family expand, as another baby girl will be joining daughters Nova and Vaeda later this year.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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