Teen Mom OG: Tyler Baltierra gets a vasectomy and Catelynn makes a funny video

Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra
Catelynn Baltierra pokes fun at her husband. Pic credit: MTV

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are one of the most beloved couples in the Teen Mom franchise.

Teen Mom OG fans have watched them give up their first baby, Carly, for adoption and how much that weighed on both Catelynn and Tyler. However, the duo overcame all of the hardships, and their relationship has only gotten stronger over the years.

Since the beginning of their story, the twosome has added three more baby girls to their family, and along with Carly, they also have Novalee, Vaeda, and Rya.

In a current TikTok that Catelynn made and then posted on Instagram, she shows Tyler and baby Rya sitting on the couch. Tyler has an ice pack placed on his jewels, and Catelynn played a song in the background about a “va-va-va-va-va-vasectomy and snips.”

Catelynn Baltierra posted a hilarious video about her husband Tyler’s vasectomy procedure

Tyler could be seen laughing hysterically, as he listens. Catelynn captioned the video, “@tylerbaltierramtv took one for the team (laughing/crying face, red heart, and sticking out the tongue emoji) #nomorebabieshere.”

After reading Catelynn’s caption and seeing her video, Tyler took himself to the comment section and inserted his thoughts.

What did Tyler Baltierra say in response to the video?

He wrote, “If ANYONE has taken one for the team it’s YOU! Your amazing body has carried & birthed 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was get a shot & 2 snips! Once I figured out what the song was though, I was dyyyiiinngg lmao I love you!!!”

Tyler went on to state, “But on another note … I’ve recently been seeing a lot of women saying that their significant others didn’t want to get one. This is WILD to me! Any man who’s not willing to get a vasectomy so his wife doesn’t have to get her tubes tied is pathetic as hell & I’m sorry that you’re with such a selfish weak man … you deserve better! (thank you for coming to my tedtalk) hahaha!”

Tyler Baltierra responds to his wife's funny video of him after getting a vasectomy.
Pic credit: @catelynnmtv/Instagram

Catelynn and Tyler’s past history on the show

While Catelynn and Tyler have had some rough times growing up in their own homes and families, the two of them together are so good for each other.

They stand beside each other through thick and thin; for example, when Catelynn was suffering from PPD, Tyler was there for her as a husband and as a dad while Catelynn received the treatment she needed.

As they have grown together, they have supported and loved one another as a husband and wife should. It’s no wonder they are so loved by Teen Mom OG fans.

While it looks like Catelynn and Tyler are done having their own babies, Teen Mom OG fans will now have to be content watching these three beautiful babes grow up.

Teen Mom OG is currently on a hiatus.

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