Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham forced to pay nearly $700,000 in unpaid rent

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham is being forced by a judge to pay nearly $700,000 in unpaid rent for two business she used to run. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham is being forced to pay nearly $700,000 in unpaid rent for two businesses which have since gone out of business.

Furnished by Farrah and Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique were run by the former Teen Mom OG star in Lakeway, Texas.

She reportedly entered a lease agreement for one business in March of 2016 and the other in April of 2016. Both leases had a term of 60 months each, however the stores have been shut down since 2018 and it’s claimed Farrah hasn’t paid rent for either premises since 2018.

According to The Sun, Farrah was sued back in 2019 for $101,212.50 when she reportedly stopped paying rent at both locations after they were closed.

A judge has now ordered Farrah to pay $673,205.72 after her landlord alleged that Farrah broke the two lease agreements.

The landlord had a hard time serving Farrah with court papers

Not only did Farrah stop paying the rent on her two businesses, but the landlord reportedly also had a hard time serving her court papers.

Records obtained by The Sun stated, “Plaintiff has attempted to serve Abraham multiple times via hand delivery at multiple locations. Each attempted service location was based on their (1) Abraham’s usual place of business, (2) Abraham’s usual place of abode, or (3) other addresses where Abraham could potentially be found.”

They apparently had trouble locating her as she rarely stays in one place for long.

The back and forth legal battle has been particularly contentious as Farrah’s attorney stated she had “no intentions on making any further payments under either lease agreement.”

Farrah has plans to run for office

Despite her current legal woes, Farrah recently revealed that she planned to run for a government position when she turned 30 years old.

She made the announcement soon after filing a police report against Dominic Foppoli, the former mayor of Windsor, California.

Farrah was one of nine women who made allegations of sexual misconduct against him. Shortly following the accusations, he resigned from his position.

Whether Farrah will find success in her run for office remains to be seen. It’s likely she would have to settle her legal matters before people would consider taking her seriously in a leadership position.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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