Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham says she will run for a government position

Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG
Farrah Abraham has plans to run for office when she turns 30 Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has managed to stay relevant throughout the years due to her crazy decisions and the drama she often gets herself involved in.

Most recently, Farrah got people talking after a Twitter post in which she claimed to have a goal of running for office one day.

She posted a photo of herself in front of an American flag with the caption, “I will be running for a government position as soon as I turn 30…count down & thank you in advance for supporting me supporting you. My experiences have lead me to this valuable place that I do not take for granted.”

Farrah’s recent declaration came following a police report she filed against Dominic Foppoli.

Dominic was serving as the mayor of Windsor, California but resigned following Farrah’s allegations of sexual misconduct.

The controversy appeared to motivate Farrah to want to gain a position of power to try and make positive changes.

Several critics commented on Farrah’s post and had a hard time taking her seriously.

Haters criticize Farrah and couldn’t take her goal seriously

Due to some of her questionable life choices, many of her followers on social media questioned her ability to do something like run for office.

One critic laughed at Farrah’s post and was convinced it had to be a joke.

One critic laughed at Farrah's goals
One critic laughed at Farrah’s goals Pic credit: @KristenGallagh3/Twitter

Another follower weighed in and begged Farrah not to run for office.

A critic begs Farrah not to run for office
A critic begs Farrah not to run for office Pic credit: @joeydellago/Twitter

Others simply chimed in and made jokes referencing Farrah’s past experiences with the adult film industry. They felt that she didn’t have much to offer in terms of any type of knowledge of government roles as she’s only ever filmed adult movies and Teen Mom OG.

Followers judged Farrah for her past
Followers judged Farrah for her past Pic credit: @mlsanchez1982/Twitter
A follower questions Farrah's qualifications
A follower questions Farrah’s qualifications Pic credit: @MuggaA/Twitter

Farrah does not have a great reputation

While other celebrities such as Donald Trump have been successful in obtaining government positions, Farrah does not have a great reputation amongst fans.

Farrah was fired from the Teen Mom franchise due to her involvement in the adult film industry.

Her followers have also questioned her judgment when it comes to raising her daughter Sophia. Many have felt that she’s exposed her daughter to things that are too advanced for her age, including helping Farrah take risque photos to post on social media.

People have judged Farrah for the way she’s lived her life and don’t feel as though she is a responsible mother.

Whether Farrah will actually run for a government position remains to be seen, but it appears that she doesn’t have a lot of public support at the moment.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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