Teen Mom OG: Andrew Glennon admits to emptying $38,000 from his and Amber Portwood’s bank account

Andrew Glennon and Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood
Andrew fessed up to emptying Amber’s bank account. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s ex and baby daddy Andrew Glennon admittedly drained their bank account of $38,000 and deposited it in his personal account.

Amid their ongoing custody battle over their 3-year-old son James, more details have emerged about Amber and Andrew’s past.

Andrew Glennon admits to emptying $38,000 from Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s bank account

According to audio of Andrew’s testimony obtained by The Sun, he admitted to emptying their bank account while Amber sat behind bars following her July 2019 arrest for domestic battery.

Amber allegedly attacked Andrew with a shoe and threatened to chop down the door with a machete while he locked himself in a room with James, hiding from his ex.

Andrew revealed during his cross-examination that he withdrew $38,000 from his and Amber’s joint account and deposited it into his personal account.

“You took $38,000 away from the joint account and put that into your personal account, correct?” Andrew was asked by Amber’s attorney.

Andrew replied, “Yes. I told Amber that I was doing that.” Further pressing Andrew, the lawyer asked, “Amber was in jail at the time that that was done, is that correct?”

Andrew began, “That was the plan before the attack even happened. She wanted to get a safe and…” before he was interrupted by Amber’s attorney.

“If you can, please just answer my question,” Andrew was told. “Amber was in jail at the time that that was done. Is that correct?” to which Andrew replied, “Correct.”

At the time of Amber’s arrest, her brother Shawn shared a tweet, accusing Andrew of stealing Amber’s money before placing some of it back in her account so she could pay her $2,000 bail and get herself out of jail.

“My mom is the one that went to get her but Andrew actually put the money back in Amber’s account after he stole it to bail her out,” Shawn claimed. “Well considering Andrew took all of the money out of her account and transferred it into his personal account, the only way she was able to bail herself out was to have him transfer money back into her account,” he added.

Amber is making improvements in her personal life

Amber recently completed her three-year probation stemming from her alleged machete attack and arrest in 2019. The recent details that have come to light amid her custody battle with Andrew have Teen Mom OG fans leaning towards siding with Amber.

Although Amber has a checkered past riddled with drug abuse and addiction, domestic battery, abortion, suicide attempts, and promiscuity, she has made strides to improve in recent months.

For his part, however, Andrew hasn’t made things any easier for his ex, and Teen Mom OG fans think he’s taking advantage of Amber.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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