Teen Mom filming stopped due to coronavirus fears

Morgan Freeman MTV
Morgan Freeman and the Teen Mom crew is shutting down production. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom has been on television for a decade, but the production team just experienced a first.

Due to the growing fear of coronavirus, the MTV production teams for both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are wrapping up production immediately.

This is done to protect everyone involved with the shows.

The news comes after several productions in television and broadcasting were stopped due to the coronavirus fears.

Right now, the two shows are out for a couple of weeks but could see a longer delay if the virus issue persists.

The news comes via an email from production.

Teen Mom crew shuts down production immediately

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup is currently reporting that production crews for both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have been called home.

The production has come to a full stop for two whole weeks as of today.

Morgan J. Freeman, along with other executive producers, emailed everyone involved with the shows and ordered them to stop shooting and asked the Teen Mom stars to return home immediately.

All team members have been put on planes and are on their way home.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup also reports that everyone at the Viacom New York City office is getting the message that they should work from home and seek medical help if they feel like they could be infected.

No word on whether Teen Mom airing schedule will be affected

The production has been put on hold for two weeks, but more time could be added depending on how the situation looks in two weeks.

MTV hasn’t revealed whether this break will influence the season of Teen Mom OG, which is set to premiere on MTV tomorrow, or the upcoming Teen Mom 2 season.

The Teen Mom OG reunion was scheduled to be filmed in New York City in a few weeks, but that could face postponement as well, depending on how everything unfolds in the state.

Schools have been placed on lockdown for several weeks, but more required closures could come.

These closures could not only affect the studios were the reunion is filmed, but also the audience members and whether the Teen Mom OG stars can travel to the city.

In the upcoming season, fans will see Amber Portwood fight for her son James against Andrew Glennon after last summer’s arrest.

Teen Mom OG will premiere Tuesday, March 17, at 8/7c on MTV.

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