Teen Mom 2 stars call out Kail Lowry for complaining about expense of editing videos on YouTube

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans called out Kail Lowry for complaining about the expense of editing on YouTube. Pic credit: MTV

Kail Lowry isn’t going to be recording a series on her new house build due to the cost and work involved, but that’s just fine with Teen Mom 2 fans.

Kail has been sharing her experience with her new home build since it began earlier this year.

After moving several times already, Kail decided to plant roots in a new home that she decided to have designed and built from scratch.

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Kail has already encountered several issues with the build, however, and even revealed that it’s not going to be her forever home before it’s even finished being built.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry explains why she isn’t recording a YouTube series on her home build

Now, Kail has told her fans that she won’t be following her home-building journey in a YouTube series, despite mentioning it earlier.

Teen Mom 2 fans seem as though they’d be fine if Kail didn’t release a YouTube series on her home-building experience because many find it to be pretty boring.

But Kail’s reason for not recording a YouTube series is what recently caught Teen Mom 2 fans’ attention.

In a Reddit thread titled, “Well Karl, you had a crew to film the process on their dime but she’s petty,” one Teen Mom 2 fan discussed Kail’s recent Instagram Stories Q&A.

In the Reddit thread, the author included a screenshot of one question from Kail’s recent Q&A that read, “How’s housebuilding going? Are you planning on doing like a YouTube series on it?”

Kail’s response surprised some Teen Mom 2 viewers because it had to do with not wanting to spend a lot of money, something that Kail seems to be doing a lot of when it comes to building her house.

Kail responded to her fan, “I wanted to but filming & editing is not for the weak! & to hire someone is suppper expensive.”

Teen Mom 2 fans call out Kail Lowry over ‘expensive’ comment

Teen Mom 2 fans who saw Kail’s answer about editing a YouTube series had them flocking to the comments.

One Teen Mom 2 fan took Kail’s response to mean that she doesn’t have the time nor the energy to put into recording and editing such a project.

redditors discussed kail lowry complaining about editing a youtube series
Pic credit: u/cohenisababe/Reddit

“So she’s too lazy to edit videos & too broke to pay someone else to do it. Got it,” they wrote.

“It is seriously so easy to film with an iPhone and edit on iMovie. Even Jenelle can do it,” commented one Redditor who mentioned a former Teen Mom 2 cast member, Jenelle Evans, who records her own YouTube series.

Another Redditor felt that Kail shouldn’t be concerned with the cost of editing a YouTube series, given what else she spends her money on, like vacations and cosmetic procedures.

“More expensive than multiple vacations and procedures a year?” the Redditor asked rhetorically.

One commenter simply wondered if anyone would even be interested in watching such a series and wrote, “Omg who would even watch that.”

Kail could be complaining about the cost of editing because she recently admitted that she took a pay cut.

When she chose not to film for Teen Mom 2 for several months, it meant that Kail was also reducing her income. Teen Mom 2 has been a steady form of income for the past eleven years since Kail was a teenager.

Another reason Kail might be counting pennies is that she’s already gone over budget on her home build; so much so that she isn’t even excited about moving in.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 11 on MTV in back-to-back episodes beginning at 8/7c.

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