Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry admits she considered abortion for baby number four

09 April 2016 - Burbank, California - Kailyn Lowry. 2016 MTV Movie Awards held at Warner Bros. Studios.
Prior to giving birth to her fourth baby, the Teen Mom 2 star had three other children by her exes. Pic Credit: Image Collect/Admedia

Kailyn Lowry recently admitted she wasn’t very excited when she learned that she was pregnant with her fourth child.

The 28-year-old Teen Mom 2 star and her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez welcomed their son Creed on Thursday, July 30. She shared the first public photo of Creed on her Instagram page on Monday, August 10.

Although Kailyn had three children prior to Creed’s birth- Isaac Rivera, 10, Lincoln Marroquin, 6 and Lux Lowry, 3- she didn’t think she was prepared for another child with Chris. She told InTouch Weekly that her current circumstances with Chris made her unsure if she would carry her baby to term. Kailyn said that she initially wanted to have an abortion.

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“I went to the abortion appointment and, I just decided I wasn’t going to go through with it and I couldn’t do it,” Kailyn recalled. “I just was thinking about how, how it was going to affect my kids and what that looked like. You know, we went through so much when we had Lux and, you know, surrounding that whole pregnancy. And even up until now that it was like, how could I do this again?”

Teen Mom 2 fans watched many drama-filled moments between Kail and Chris after the birth of their first child together in 2017. The pair have been on and off for years, and Kailyn referred to their relationship as an “entanglement” on her podcast, Coffee Convos.

Kail and Chris’ problems escalated during her last pregnancy, and Kailyn shared back in July that she wouldn’t allow Chris in the delivery room for their son’s birth due to his alleged lack of support during her pregnancy, although she eventually changed her mind.

Kailyn’s abortion consideration will be discussed on upcoming episodes of Teen Mom 2

While Kail said she’s more than happy with her decision to keep her fourth bundle of joy, she said her battle with continuing her pregnancy will be shown on the latest season of Teen Mom 2. After admitting that she spoke with a producer on the show for an hour about her being so transparent with fans, Kailyn said she believes sharing this part of her life will resonate with the audience.

“For me, it’s not just, you know, get an abortion or don’t, there’s a lot that goes into the decision,” Kailyn said. “There’s a lot that surrounded the pregnancy that really, really affected the way that I was thinking and how I could possibly move forward in either decision.”

Pic credit: @Kaillowry/Instagram

Kailyn has had drama with all three of her baby daddies

Kailyn and Chris’ current drama has filled up the latest seasons of Teen Mom 2, she’s had several run-ins with the fathers of her first two children-Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin. Kailyn and Jo dated during Kailyn’s appearance on 16 and Pregnant and into the first few seasons of Teen Mom 2. According to Us Weekly, the couple called it quits shortly after Isaac was born, though they had a short affair while she dated her new boyfriend, Jordan Wenner. She said in her book, Pride Over Pity, that she didn’t want her baby daddy to move on to someone else at the time of the fling.

Kailyn moved on to Javi in 2012. The twosome got married and had Lincoln in 2013. After three years of a tumultuous marriage, which played out on Teen Mom 2 and Marriage Boot Camp, they decided to end their marriage in 2016. Since then, the pair have had their ups and downs, but are seemingly in a better place of their son.

Fans can see more of Kailyn’s pregnancy journey when Season 10 of Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV  on Tuesday, September 1, at 8 p.m. EST. 

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