Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans slams naysayers, claims Briana DeJesus’ party was not to fat-shame Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans denies claim she fat-shamed Kailyn Lowry.
Jenelle Evans defends herself against fat-shaming claims. Pic credit: JenelleEason/YouTube/MTV

Jenelle Evans has found herself in the middle of the Kailyn Lowry versus Briana Dejesus drama, and now she’s on the defense. She recently clapped back at a social media user who accused her of fat-shaming Kailyn at the event she attended over the weekend.

The former Teen Mom 2 star received a ton of backlash after she flew from North Carolina to Florida for Briana’s lawsuit party and posted a video from the bash. Briana threw the lavish party to celebrate her win in Kailyn’s defamation case against her.

People were shocked to see Jenelle among the attendees, including Jade Cline and Briana’s sister Brittany who partied over Briana’s victory.

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Commenter accuses Jenelle Evans of fat-shaming Kailyn Lowry

Jenelle is still getting heat for attending Briana’s party, but she does not feel guilty for participating in the festivities.

The Teen Mom 2 alum posted a video of her time at the event, and it has garnered comments from people chiding her for being there.

However, when one Instagram user accused the party goers of fat-shaming Kailyn, Jenelle clapped back and denied doing any such thing.

Someone commented on Jenelle’s video, which showed her boarding a plane for Florida, getting dolled up for the event, and then partying the day away with Jade and Briana.

“So fun,” wrote one follower, whose comment hit a nerve with another social media user.

“Fun to fat shame and make fun of others ?” questioned the commenter. “Real mature for supposed grown adults, great example for their kids and the public eye.”

Jenelle Evans claps back at Instagram critic.
Pic credit: @ j_evans1219/Instagram

The commenter was likely referring to the treadmill Briana sent to Kailyn’s house during their social media feud.

Jenelle Evans denies that Briana DeJesus’ party was about fat-shaming Kailyn Lowry

Jenelle Evans saw the fat-shaming accusation made by the Instagram user, and she issued a response.

“The party wasn’t about fat shaming so bye hater,” said the Teen Mom 2 alum in her Instagram clap back.

Meanwhile, Jenelle had fun partying with Jade, Briana, and their friends at the lawsuit party, which kicked off over the weekend.

Jenelle and the other party-goers were dressed in pink to match the theme as they danced to the musical stylings of Briana’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Luis Hernandez.

Jade Cline offered the services of her hair salon, while Briana hired a makeup service, a photo booth, and a tattoo artist for her guests.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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