Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans gets bashed for attending Briana DeJesus’s lawsuit party

Controversial Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans gets called out by viewers for attending Briana DeJesus' lawsuit celebration.
Jenelle Evans gets bashed by Teen Mom viewers. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is getting slammed online for attending a controversial party over the weekend.

As most fans of the franchise know by now, Briana DeJesus threw a grand celebration for winning the lawsuit Kailyn Lowry filed against her.

Briana had many of her friends in attendance, including her BFF and costar Jade Cline. However, Jenelle also appeared at the shindig and viewers were not too happy about that!

Jenelle Evans gets bashed for attending Briana DeJesus’s lawsuit party

The former Teen Mom 2 star has had her drama with Kailyn Lowry as the two women have been feuding for many years. However, a few weeks ago, Kailyn issued a public apology to Jenelle for accusing her of leaking her pregnancy.

Kailyn also invited Jenelle to appear on her podcast, but the controversial MTV alum turned it down. However, she didn’t turn down the invite to Briana’s party.

Jenelle shared a video on Instagram showing her weekend shenanigans as she boarded a plane from North Carolina to Florida to attend the event.

“YASSSS ?? she won!” wrote Jenelle in the caption of her video which showed her hanging with Briana and Jade as she got dressed for the pink-themed lawsuit party.

The mom-of-three appeared to have a great time celebrating their shared hatred for Kailyn Lowry, but viewers called it embarrassing.

“I’m embarrassed for y’all,” wrote one commenter– as several others expressed similar sentiments.

“Imagine taking a plane for an apartment party with 10 ppl,” added someone else.

“And you girls actually have kids that’s such a scary thought!” reasoned one social media user, while another commenter told Jenelle to “grow up.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Jenelle Evans.
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

“This is childish and cringey to watch. You’ve changed for the better, don’t let someone as classless as [Briana] put you back into that category,” added someone else.

Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Jenelle Evans.
Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus celebrate their shared hatred for Kailyn Lowry

The Teen Mom 2 alum may have had fun attending Briana’s shady celebration, but viewers did not find humor in any of it. Briana took a lot of heat for the party and people are now accusing her of being obsessed with Kailyn Lowry.

After the lawsuit got dismissed, the mom-of-two sent a clown suit to Kailyn’s home–that is, after sending her a treadmill months prior.

After Briana announced her party plans, viewers were officially fed up and urged Briana to move on.

Meanwhile, Briana put on quite the extravaganza over the weekend with her sister, Brittany DeJesus as well as Jade, Jenelle, and others all dressed in pink.

Jade Cline offered the services of her hair salon, while Briana hired a makeup service, a photo booth, and a tattoo artist for her guests.

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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