Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans says Jace set fire to Barbara Evans’ home

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans’ son Jace reportedly set fire to Barbara Evans’ home as the former Teen Mom 2 star continues to battle her mother for custody. Pic credit: MTV

New claims by former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans have come to light in relation to her ongoing custody battle with her mother Barbara Evans.

Barbara has had primary custody of Jenelle’s 11-year-old son Jace since he was an infant. In January, Jenelle and Barbara made headlines as they fought over their custody situation.

Jenelle claimed Jace was coming to live with her full-time because her mother couldn’t handle some of his behavior.

After Jenelle shared that with fans, Barbara spoke to the media and accused Jenelle of lying.

She said that he spent a few days at a time at Jenelle’s house throughout the pandemic in order to get a change of scenery.

Now, more information has come out regarding Jace’s alleged behavior — with Jenelle claiming he set fire to Barbara’s home.

Jenelle claims Jace set fire to Barbara’s home

According to The Sun, court documents stated that Jenelle filed for sole custody of Jace and asked the court for emergency consideration on January 28.

Jenelle noted a “substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child” as the reason for her petition to the court.

She said that Jace was “at risk of bodily injury” while in Barbara’s care as he’s allegedly had “increasingly worse behavior problems that cause him to be physically aggressive, out of control, and unsafe.”

In an alleged altercation that occurred on December 19, 2020, Jenelle claimed that Jace physically assaulted Barbara two times causing injury. He then reportedly burned the carpet because of his anger.

Jenelle also claimed that Barbara was instructed several times by Jace’s doctor to call a crisis hotline if Jace’s behavior and aggression escalated.

Jace allegedly has a history of starting fires at Barbara’s house.

Jenelle claims Barbara’s relationship with Jace is ‘toxic’

While Barbara is reportedly working with an attorney, she has yet to speak out regarding the claims and their court hearing has been continued.

During an interview with In Touch, Jenelle talked in more detail about the relationship between Barbara and Jace and labeled their situation as “toxic.”

She said, “You know, him and my mom keep butting heads so much that it’s just, they’re toxic to each other.”

Jenelle’s custody battle with Barbara has caused the two of them to drift further apart.

Jenelle claimed that Barbara hadn’t been speaking to her and their only correspondence has been when dropping off Jace every other weekend.

Currently, Jenelle is able to see Jace every other weekend and for his two-week school breaks. She also has time with him over the summer.

Jenelle hopes to keep their ongoing battle as quiet as possible in order to respect Jace’s right to privacy.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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