Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans creates flashback video of mom Barbara amid their rocky relationship

Janelle and Barb posing for a picture.
Jenelle Evans and her Mom Barb smiling for the camera. Pic credit: @j_evans1219

Jenelle Evans star of Teen Mom 2 recently took to her Instagram account to share a photo montage of her mom Barbara. 

Fans were shocked at how good Barbara looked

This act came as a total shocker to fans of the show as Jenelle and her Mom have had such a rocky relationship over their eight-year span on the show. 

Many fans were in shock at the fact that Jenelle posted the photos, but were also in shock at how unrecognizable Barbara was. 

Posing for the camera in short shorts and small dresses, fans thought that Barbara was an absolute bombshell. 

Jenelle captioned the beginning of the photo collage as “Idk who raised you, but I was raised by Barbara.”  

Jenelle taking to Instagram to share photos of Barbara when she was younger. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle and Barbara struggled to keep their relationship alive

Jenelle and Barbara have gone through so many ups and downs throughout the seasons of Teen Mom 2 which have always stemmed from the fact that Jenelle’s mom Barb took custody of her son Jace when he was smaller. 

Barbara had always felt as though Jenelle was not ready to be a mom at the time that she had Jace, because of all of the activities that she was engaging in with prior partners. Jenelle was far from ready to give up her days of partying and partaking in illegal activities, so, when it came time for Jenelle to sign over rights to Jace, that is when all of the debacles with Barbara started. 

Back and forth battles between the two about parenting time and custody drove a wedge in their relationship and is what ultimately ended it. 

Because these two have had such a power struggle when it came to Jace, they grew further and further apart. In recent news, Jenelle had referred to herself as being a “fearful little girl” back when she signed over the rights of her son Jace. 

Some may have speculated that because Jenelle did decide to post a photo montage of her mother perhaps she and Barbara were on the right path to developing a better relationship with one another. We can only hope that Jenelle and Barbara do have a chance to strengthen their relationship for the betterment of Jace. 

Although Jenelle is no longer a cast member on Teen Mom 2, the relationship between her and her mother will live on forever. 

Teen Mom 2 is currently on Hiatus.

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