Teen Mom 2 fans suspect Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin are back together — Is she pretending to buy a home?

Javi Marroquin during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Fans think Lauren Comeau and Javi Marroquin might be back together after they were spotted at the Sugar Factory Pic credit: MTV
Javi Marroquin during an episode of Teen Mom 2

It looks like Lauren Comeau may not be completely done with Javi Marroquin after all.

After her emotional Instagram live several weeks ago, fans felt awful for Lauren as she discussed the hurt and pain she had been dealing with after Kailyn Lowry revealed on an episode of Teen Mom 2 that Javi tried to hook up with her.

Kail’s allegation would have been the second time Javi was unfaithful to Lauren as he was previously caught cheating in their home with another woman.

Despite Lauren’s devastation, it appears she may have had a change of heart. A Teen Mom 2 fan took a video and pictures of what looked like Lauren and Javi at the Sugar Factory in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Based on Lauren’s Instagram stories, they were there to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

A Teen Mom fan page on Instagram called Teen Mom Shade Room shared the fan’s video and pictures and wrote, “So a roommate saw Lauren and Javi out on a date and when she asked Lauren was it her she said no….lmaoooo y’all.”

Fans react after seeing Lauren and Javi together

Most fans couldn’t believe that Lauren could have taken Javi back after everything he put her through and were sick of feeling sorry for her after she was making the decision to try to make things work with someone who had caused her so much pain.

One fan said they no longer wanted to see Lauren crying about the situation with Javi.

Fans react after seeing Javi and Lauren out together

Another fan was disappointed in Lauren’s decision and thought she had finally gained enough courage to leave Javi for good.

Fans are disappointed in Lauren after seeing her out with Javi

Others felt that when confronted on the topic, Javi and Lauren would just use the excuse that they are doing their best to get along and co-parent effectively for their son.

Fans think Javi and Lauren will use co-parenting as an excuse for going out together

Lauren posts about buying a new home

Following the sighting of Lauren and Javi at the Sugar Factory, Lauren shared on Instagram that she was looking to buy a new home.

The post caused fans to speculate that she was pretending to buy a home so that people wouldn’t think she was actually trying to make things work with Javi.

Others thought that she and Javi could be buying a new house together to completely start over with a clean slate.

Javi and Lauren have yet to speak out about their appearance together. It remains unknown whether Lauren is actually buying a house on her own or if she and Javi could possibly be starting a new chapter together.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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