Teen Mom 2: Ashley Jones explains why she chose to get vaccinated

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones
Following Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley Jones explained why she chose to get vaccinated. Pic credit: @ashleysiren/Instagram

Ashley Jones and her mom Tea disagreed about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 during this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

Whether to get vaccinated or not weighed heavily on Ashley’s mind, especially because her family, particularly her parents, were against the vaccine.

Despite her family’s urging her not to get the jab, Ashley made the decision to get vaccinated.

Ashley Jones explains why she chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Following Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley took to Twitter where she posted an explanation to her 77.3k followers.

“I did not get vaccinated to just be apart of society. I got vaccinated so that I can attend a clinical at the end of nursing school which is a requirement for graduation,” Ashley tweeted.

ashley jones tweets to her followers explaining why she got vaccinated against covid-19
Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Ashley has her Associate’s Degree in nursing and plans to transfer some day with the hopes of a nursing career helping her build her business, Aries Beauty Studio.

Ashley’s tweet received plenty of feedback, and many of her followers felt that her decision was her business, and nobody else’s.

Teen Mom 2 viewers support Ashley’s decision

“But also it’s your choice and what choice you make for your body is no one’s business and you don’t owe us an explanation,” one of Ashley’s followers tweeted in response.

More of Ashley’s fans showed up in the comments to show their support. Another tweeted, “You owe NO ONE an explanation for your decision to get vaccinated.”

“Girllll you don’t gotta explain to anyone!!! You go girl,” another one of Ashley’s supporters replied.

One comment seemingly summed up the reactions to Ashley’s choice: “If you don’t get the vaccine people are pissed, if you get the vaccine people are pissed. Lol.”

ashley jones' twitter followers respond to her getting vaccinated for covid-19
Pic credit: @_mermaidbarbie/Twitter

Ashley felt as though forgoing the vaccine would mean she had to put her dreams of opening and running her salon on hold. “That’s my dream. So for me to not get the vaccine would mean for me to just say, ‘F**k it,'” Ashley told her mom.

Ashley and her husband Bar Smith have been under a lot of pressure so far this season on Teen Mom 2. The state of their marriage has been a topic of contention, pushing Ashley to her boiling point when producers pressed her.

“Sometimes people just need a break … divorce is heavy,” Ashley told Teen Mom 2 fans of talking about her marital woes on the show. “Let me have a day to figure it out.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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