Teen Mom 2 spoiler: Ashley Jones gets vaccinated for COVID-19 against her mom’s wishes

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones went against her family’s wishes and got vaccinated for COVID-19. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones’ mom, Tea didn’t agree with her daughter’s choice to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley discusses a heated topic with her mom.

Ashley has been dreaming of opening her own salon, and to make that dream a reality, it meant she had to get vaccinated, much to Tea’s dismay.

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Ashley Jones’ mom Tea disapproves of her getting vaccinated against COVID-19

In a sneak peek at tomorrow’s episode, Ashley video-chats with her mom and breaks the news that she’s decided to get the jab.

“I wanna tell you something. I’m getting vaccinated tomorrow,” Ashley told her mom in the clip.

“We’re not doing that s**t,” was Tea’s reply, but Ashley made it clear that just because she was getting vaccinated, she didn’t expect her parents to.

Ashley explained that the alternative to not getting vaccinated meant giving up on her dream of opening her own salon.

“That’s my dream,” Ashley explained to her mom. “So for me to not get the vaccine would mean for me to just say, ‘F**k it.'”

Despite their disagreement on the topic, Ashley stood firm in her decision. “I’m not willing to give up my salon over a vaccine. And for that reason, I made the choice to get vaccinated.”

During her confessional, Ashley admitted, “I love my mom; let me start with that. But she’s super anti-vax, but it’s like, I don’t feel like she needs to say something about everything that I do, either, because I pay my own bills. As for me and my household, we gonna do what we gonna do.”

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones contracted COVID-19 last summer

Last August, Ashley contracted COVID-19, and Tea asked her followers for prayers for her daughter: “Thank you for your support. Please pray for a speedy recovery as Ashley recovers from COVID 19.”

It’s unclear whether Ashley was vaccinated when she contracted the virus. She took to Twitter shortly after Tea announced that she was battling COVID-19.

“Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes,” Ashley told her fans. “I am Covid[-19] free now, but honestly, that s**t was no joke.”

However, Ashley came under fire by Teen Mom 2 fans when she was spotted out in public shortly after her battle with COVID-19, as they felt it was too soon.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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