Ashley Jones explains why she walked out while filming Teen Mom 2 after MTV producer ‘bombarded’ her

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones explained why she walked out during a scene of Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: Ashley Siren/YouTube

Ashley Jones explained why she walked out during a scene in the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2.

During a preview clip from the March 29 episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley walked out during a sip-and-paint date with her mom and sister.

As Teen Mom 2 viewers are aware, Ashley and Bar have been struggling with marriage, and the topic of divorce has come up on several occasions.

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Ashley Jones pushed to her limit by Teen Mom 2 producer

In the preview from tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley reached her boiling point when a producer pushed the topic of divorce.

While Ashley drank wine and painted with her mom Tea and sister Chris, the trio lightly discussed the topic of her and Bar’s rocky relationship and whether divorce would be the right decision, considering all factors.

Soon, one of MTV’s producers joined the conversation and tried to pry more information out of Ashley.

“Can you elaborate on the situation at all?” the producer asked Ashley.

“Where I’m at is I don’t know and I don’t want to keep saying that. I’m getting frustrated,” Ashley told him. “You gotta understand that people are married in real life trying to work it out in real life so when I say give me time, give me the f**king time!”

“Stop asking me about this s**t,” Ashley continued as Tea and Chris tried to convince her to relax. “I’m not gonna relax, I’m gonna figure it the f**k out, and when I decipher what I’m going to do, I will let everybody around me know. I’m here to paint and drink with these people so just give me that!”

Next, Ashley got teary-eyed as she said, “I think I’m done,” and walked out of the studio, got in her car, and drove away.

Ashley explains why she walked out, Teen Mom 2 fans have mixed reactions

Ashley took to the comments section of Teen Mom’s Instagram post to explain her actions ahead of the March 29 episode.

“The problem was I was told it was a cute sip and paint moment,” Ashley explained in her comment. “A moment for me to escape and relax. I felt bombarded when I walked in and the conversation was not what we discussed.”

ashley jones explained on a teen mom IG post why she walked out during a scene from march 29's episode
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

“Sometimes people just need a break … divorce is heavy. Let me have a day to figure it out. Jesus,” she added.

Ashley, who doesn’t regret marrying Bar despite their struggles, was met with mixed reactions; some showed their support for her behavior while others felt she should have continued to film.

“@ashleysiren I agree sis and sometimes it’s mtv being annoying we get it love u sis ❤️,” wrote one of Ashley’s supporters.

Another Teen Mom 2 fan who agreed with Ashley’s decision to get up and walk out simply commented, “@ashleysiren Amen. ❤️”

“@ashleysiren I understand..people forget this isn’t just tv its your life and no one wants to constantly talk about their relationship when you don’t even have it figured out yourself,” wrote another one of Ashley’s fans. “Prayers for peace of mind sis, you’re so strong, I love your storyline, regardless of stress YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! we’re rooting for you ?✊?”

teen mom 2 viewers comment on ashley jones walking out during filming during an episode
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

However, some Teen Mom 2 viewers weren’t as supportive of Ashley’s decision to walk away during filming of the scene.

“I get it butttt I mean u signed up to have ur life aired its the film crew’s job to ask questions ??‍♀️,” commented a Teen Mom 2 viewer who felt that it’s Ashley’s responsibility to continue filming, even when things get uncomfortable.

Another commenter pointed out that Teen Mom 2 viewers expect to see the drama in Ashley’s life and told her, “@ashleysiren ur on a show though and this is a story big story line this season tho.”

Yet another one of Ashley’s adversaries penned, “She don’t mind the $$$. But can’t do the job. We’ll go get one then ?”

It’s clear that Ashley is over being put on the spot regarding her marriage. Tune in tonight to find out how the rest of the scene plays out.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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