Tayshia Adams likes ex-fiance Zac Clark’s tweets and makes fans emotional

Tayshia Adams in black
Tayshia has subtle social media interaction with her ex-fiance Zac Clark. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams may be trading in her heartbreak for the holiday spirit, as the bombshell Bachelorette recently liked some of her ex-fiance Zac Clark’s tweets. 

Hawkeyed fans noticed that Tayshia had liked not one but two of Zac Clark’s tweets. 

Tayshia’s social media activity had led fans to hope that, at the very least, Tayshia and Zac are on friendly terms. 

Tayshia makes fans emotional by liking Zac’s tweets

While Tayshia addressed her breakup publicly during the Men Tell All for Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, Zac has mostly been private since the split. 

For the Christmas season, Zac went on Twitter to wish friends and followers a Merry Christmas. 

Zac shared a photo of a candle and paper. Along with the photo, Zac wrote, “All is calm. All is bright. Merry Christmas.” 

One fan captured a screenshot that revealed that Tayshia had liked this tweet from Zac and the fan took to Reddit to reveal their telling find. 

The Reddit post featured the caption, “Tayshia please, I’m still in mourning. I can’t handle this. [crying emoji].” 

Along with liking Zac’s Christmas tweet, it appears Tayshia also liked Zac’s tweet that read, “Sing the damn song.” 

While Tayshia liking the tweets could just be a sign of sharing the Christmas spirit, it’s nice to see Tayshia and Zac still being amicable towards one another. 

Tayshia became overcome with emotion when discussing split from Zac 

While hosting the Men Tell All, the show took a moment for Tayshia to address her breakup with Zac. 

Tayshia became emotional as she shared that she’s heartbroken and noted that she and Zac did the best they could to make the relationship work. 

After pouring her heart out, the show quickly moved on to the next segment, leading Tayshia to emotionally walk off stage and collect herself during Rodney Mathews’ interview. 

Tayshia’s walk-off stirred up a lot of buzz and critique from fans who felt the producers should have given Tayshia more time to heal before moving on. Even former Bachelor Nick Viall criticized the decision for Tayshia to discuss her own breakup while working as a host. 

Tayshia and Zac’s split was fresh and raw at the time she filmed the Men Tell All and it seems as time has gone on the former couple is learning to move on and still remain in touch with one another, even if just through liking each other’s tweets.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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