The Bachelorette viewers are upset after Tayshia Adams made official Zac Clark breakup announcement

Tayshia Adams in orange
Tayshia Adams’ breakup broke both her heart and viewers’ hearts. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark’s split became public a while ago, but Tayshia officially spoke out about it during the Men Tell All.

Tayshia was clearly emotional making the announcement and even walked off stage shortly after. Tayshia wasn’t the only one feeling down as many The Bachelorette viewers felt upset as well and especially took issue with the show using Tayshia’s heartbreak as a segment and then quickly moving on. 

The Bachelorette viewers react to Tayshia Adams running off stage 

Tayshia and Zac met during The Bachelorette Season 16 and ended the season in an engagement. They had been going strong and even ran the New York marathon together before news broke of their split, devastating fans who were rooting for them.

In the middle of the highly petty Men Tell All, cohost Kaitlyn Bristowe took a moment to ask Tayshia about the status of her relationship with Zac and acknowledge why she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. 

Tayshia become emotional and admitted that she was heartbroken. She shared that the split has been hard and they tried their best. She also expressed that she still has love for Zac. 

Kaitlyn offered her some brief comfort and then rather quickly transitioned to a segment about Rodney Mathews. Tayshia sat on stage for a moment as Rodney offered his condolences but, clearly still emotional about her vulnerable announcement, Tayshia wordlessly exited the stage. 

Viewers weighed in on the moment, with one viewer sharing how angry they felt that the show disrespectfully made Tayshia discuss the end of her engagement on national television when she may not have been ready. 

Another viewer also seemed to believe that Tayshia was pushed to speak about the breakup rather than it being her choice and suggested that ABC needed to give Tayshia a moment to breathe.

The Bachelorette viewers call out the producers for using Tayshia’s split as a segue for the show 

Despite Tayshia’s clear sadness, the show went on and Kaitlyn invited Rodney to sit with them, not giving Tayshia a single moment to step away and collect herself. 

The Bachelorette fans found this to be distasteful and called it out. 

One viewer aimed to remind the show that these are people’s lives they’re dealing with and it shouldn’t be reduced to a simple “juicy” segment. 

Tayshia’s breakup clearly was hard on her and hopefully, she will continue to take the necessary steps to recover and thrive. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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