Nick Viall criticizes producers for pushing Tayshia to address her breakup at the Men Tell All

Nick Viall
Nick Viall feels producers view Tayshia as just a character and not a host. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams tearfully addressed her split from ex-fiance Zac Clark during the Men Tell All and plenty of viewers had a lot to say about it. 

Now, former Bachelor, Nick Viall has weighed in on the buzzed-about moment with his own unique take on the situation and why he feels the producers exhibited a double standard by having Tayshia address her personal life. 

Nick Viall suggests producers gave Tayshia permission to walk off stage 

During Nick’s podcast, The Viall Files, Nick spoke about Tayshia’s hosting appearance on the Men Tell All. 

The Men Tell All featured plenty of petty, dramatic, and entertaining moments, and at one point the show turned its attention away from the men and onto Tayshia in order to give her a platform to publicly address her heartbreaking split from Zac Clark. 

The wounds from the split still appeared fresh for Tayshia so when the show attempted to quickly move on to the next segment, Tayshia became overcome with emotion and abruptly walked off the set to collect herself. 

The moment evoked a lot of upset reactions from viewers who felt the producers should not have pushed Tayshia to address the split without giving her time to process. Nick also agreed the producers should not have allotted for that moment but his reasonings have to do more with respecting Tayshia’s role as a host and not a franchise “character.” 

Nick shared, “I think Tayshia’s a professional and I think if Tayshia was hosting a red carpet or anything other than the Tell All, Tayshia would be a professional and say, ‘Heartbroken’ and then she would continue to conduct the interview. You know? She’s a pro.”

Nick then suggested the producers may have had a hand in encouraging Tayshia to take a moment and walk off stage, saying, “I think the producers gave her permission; ‘If you need to like gather yourself and walk off, feel free.’ Like they gave her permission to do that and then she decided to do that.”


The show treated Tayshia like a character, not a host ?Ep 353 link in bio #bachelor #tayshiaadams #mentellall

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Nick Viall points out double standard with Tayshia Adams and Chris Harrison 

Nick expressed essentially feeling that the producers didn’t treat Tayshia the same way they would treat the former and upcoming male Bachelor hosts. 

Nick stated, “They would never ask Chris Harrison or Jesse Palmer to talk about their personal life. And I get Zac and Tayshia met on TV but, like, they treated her like a character on their show which she has been and that’s what she’s known for, but if you’re gonna have a host you have a host that’s above the fray and not be apart to the drama but to help facilitate and push the drama along.”

It seems Nick feels that Tayshia’s hosting duties shouldn’t have merged with her own love life and he indicated that Tayshia’s tearful Tell All moment could be reflective of her future with the franchise. 

Nick expressed, “I think that, more than anything, tells us how they view her future role with the show” 

Do you agree with Nick Viall’s take on the situation? 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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