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Tayshia Adams didn’t research her guys but thinks Bachelorette producers did a great job

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams says she didn’t research the guys. Pic credit: ABC

Tayshia Adams didn’t know she was going to be The Bachelorette when ABC announced the guys for Clare Crawley’s season.

No one could have guessed how things would unfold or that Clare herself would pull the plug on the season after just 12 days because she wanted to focus on Dale Moss.

While Clare has confirmed that she researched Dale prior to meeting him on the show, Tayshia says that she did not take the same approach.

She didn’t go digging online to learn more about the guys, reportedly because she wanted to meet them at the resort and give them all a chance.

Tayshia Adams didn’t research her guys

Tayshia didn’t know that she would be chosen as the lead for The Bachelorette during COVID-19, so she didn’t see why she needed to research the guys.

However, she did follow Clare’s journey when she was announced as the lead on Good Morning America.

“When I was in quarantine, I didn’t think that this phone call was ever going to come. … I did look at the guys once they were first announced for Clare, but that was, like, months and months ago,” Tayshia told US Weekly this week ahead of her season airing on ABC.

“I didn’t really have the chance to look at them before. And I’m glad I didn’t, to be honest.”

While Clare only found a connection with one of the guys, Tayshia reveals she’s happy with the guys that ABC picked for Clare and ultimately herself.

“I couldn’t have asked for, like, a better group of men. I’ve always said that I want an older, more mature man that has depth and all of these guys have exactly that,” Tayshia explained. “It was, like, perfect.”

She also told US Weekly that she was a bit concerned that the guys had been there for Clare and would struggle to connect with her. But she explains that they reassured her that they were very happy to meet her.

Tayshia Adams is rumored to be single or in a troubled relationship

Even though Tayshia is very excited to share details about her season, she may not have a fiance.

Before the Clare Crawley and Dale Moss finale aired, Reality Steve reported that Dale and Clare’s happy ending was the only one fans were going to get, hinting that Tayshia had not found a guy on the show.

Later, he reported that Tayshia isn’t engaged after The Bachelorette and that the relationship she ended up in is rocky. Apparently, she wants to stay on the west coast and her chosen guy wants to stay in New York City.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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