Tania and Syngin tell their family about divorce plans on 90 Day: The Single Life

Tania and Syngin from 90 Day: The Single Life
Tania and Syngin talk divorce plans. Pic credit: TLC

After months of speculation, Tania and Syngin revealed that they had broken up after the South African was cast in 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2.

Confusion ensued when the TLC spin-off series revealed the estranged couple was still living together and having sex.

Tania tried to fight for the marriage, but Syngin insisted on ending the marriage, citing his determination not to have children.

He has since publicly expressed his interest in other women, including a cast member on The Single Life.

Skeptical 90 Day: The Single Life viewers have been speculating whether the pair are faking the breakup or whether they could potentially get back together before the season concludes.

Syngin and Tania spill the breakup news to her family

When Syngin revealed that he was breaking up with Tania to her family on 90 Day: The Single Life, the news was met with an awkward silence.

“I really thought you guys were pregnant,” Tania’s mother said in response before adding that she was shocked to hear the news.

The South African said they tried couple’s therapy before his estranged wife quipped, “We didn’t try it full-heatedly.”

In addition, Syngin admitted that “he doesn’t care about therapy,” then Tania’s mother concluded, “that is what married couples do.”

Tania’s half-sister asked when they decided to split, to which the TLC star revealed it was two months ago.

Syngin then brought up the issue of children that prompted Tania’s mother to ask if he strung her along, which he quickly denied.

He added that he wasn’t hellbent on not having children three years ago and said that they are just “very much different people.”

Tania then revealed that her mother is still his co-sponsor and financially responsible for the 32-year-old until he gets his green card.

Is Syngin still single? He admits he still loves Tania

Syngin reposted the clip from the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life and said the scene angered him.

“I remember this like yesterday!!!are you watching this??? Sneak peak into the new episode..its drops today on @discoveryplus.. I got so pissed off in this scene??.”

A 90 Day: The Single Life viewer criticized Tania for bringing up Syngin’s co-sponsorship and her role in their breakup in the comment section.

“I love how Tanya sat there looking innocent and wounded as if she played no role in the breakup and how she [tried] to ignite her mom by saying I thought you would be mad [because] you cosigned for him.”

Pic credit: @wine_chips_/@synging_colchester/Instagram

However, Syngin responded by admitting he still loves Tania.

In the scene, Missy suggested that he go back to South Africa. After Tania reminded her that she is his co-sponsor, the 32-year-old walked off in anger.

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