Sweet Home Sextuplets: The Waldrops end up in the E.R. again — see what happened

Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets spent another night in the ER with one of the sextuplets. Pic credit: TLC

Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets revealed that one of the sextuplets landed themselves another visit to the emergency room this week.

Boy, what a summer it has been so far for the Waldrop family. The super-sized family had already been to the emergency room once this month.

Rivers already got stitches less than a week ago

Earlier this week, Courtney shared that she and her husband Eric had to take their daughter, Rivers, for stitches after she gashed her chin open after she fell in the shower.

Rivers was brave getting stitches, as Courtney documented the event for her followers with pics and video.

Courtney, who teased Sweet Home Sextuplets’ return “soon,” shared on social media that they had to take Rivers back to the emergency room just days later.

This time, Rivers’ stitches popped out and she had to return to the hospital to get a second set of stitches in the deep cut in her chin.

Rivers needed a second set of stitches

“DAY SHA VOO…..we’ll we ended back up in the ER with Rivers last night at midnight because her stitches popped out [nervous emoji] So now she’s had 2 sets of stitches within 4 days!! All she wanted for being a big girl was a popsicle,” Courtney shared with her followers on Instagram.

She also included several pics of Rivers from inside the hospital room. Rivers sported a hospital wrist band as she smiled big for the cameras from her hospital bed.

Rivers was all smiles as she laid on the bed, in her floral print pajamas, posing for the camera with her new set of stitches carefully wrapped.

The sweet preschooler earned herself a popsicle for her bravery during the ordeal and posed with her sweet treat for mom Courtney’s camera.

Courtney shared a video of Rivers explaining what happened the second time around

In the video, Courtney talked to Rivers as she sat on the hospital bed, and asked her a series of questions about getting two sets of stitches within four days.

When Courtney asked Rivers why she came back to the hospital to get stitches again, she hilariously replied, “Cuz I wanted to,” causing mom Courtney to chuckle.

Rivers continued to talk to the camera, seemingly unfazed by getting a second set of stitches. As Courtney explained, the dissolvable ones weren’t enough to hold such a deep cut and hoped they wouldn’t have to return for another visit.

Courtney captioned her second video post, “Stitches Again!! Rivers had to get restitched!! According to her she needed 1 extra one to make them hold this time!![cross-eyed tongue out emoji] the dissolvable ones just didn’t work for that deep cut she had so at midnight last night she was getting restitched. I think we’re good to go this time!!”

Here’s to hoping the Waldrops can avoid anymore trips to the emergency room this summer!

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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