Sweet Home Sextuplets: Here’s what the Waldrops have been up to — baseball, jewelry, and birthdays

Eric and Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Eric and Courtney Waldrop are always busy, and the past few weeks, they’ve been busy playing baseball, celebrating birthdays, and selling jewelry. Pic credit: TLC

Courtney and Eric Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets are busy parents to nine children, and they are constantly on the go, and this week was no exception.

Between baseball games for their older boys, birthday celebrations, and designing and selling jewelry, they’ve stayed plenty busy lately.

Earlier this week, Courtney shared a sweet series of pics that included her husband, Eric, who coaches their boys’ baseball teams, and their twin boys, Wales and Bridge.

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Baseball is a huge part of the Waldrops’ lives

She captioned the black-and-white photos, “I love my baseball players [baseball emoji] Two very special boys right here!! So proud of them for being great big brothers to the Sextuplets and proud of how hard they work in everything they do [blue heart emojis Love my twin boys!!…Saylor is next on the baseball photo shoot…even if he doesn’t want to be.”

In a similar post, she shared a video of Wales and Bridge again in a video montage, with Taylor Swift’s song, Never Grow Up, playing in the background.

She wrote, “Nothing like these sweet baseball days….no worries in the world for these little ones!! Oh sweet boys….don’t grow up!!”

Courtney included another family member, her father, in her IG posts this week

Courtney’s dad, Gerry, lovingly referred to as Popsie by her kids, celebrated a birthday this week. She posted a series of pics including some vintage black-and-white photos of Popsie with his twin brother as well as pics of him with his grandkids.

She captioned the pics, “Happy Birthday to my Daddy(AKA Popsie) and his Twin Brother who is in heaven now [blue heart emoji] I love these pictures of my Daddy and his twin brother…reminds me of Bridge and Wales.”

“Between Eric and I we have a lot of twins in our family so I think it was just inevitable we would have twins ourselves but the sextuplets (twins x 3[emoji]) was not ever expected!!” she exclaimed” Thank you Daddy for doing so much for us each and every day!! You are the best Popsie in the whole wide world [blue heart emoji] We love you.”

Courtney’s parents, Gerry and Ramona, have appeared on several episodes of Sweet Home Sextuplets, always ready and willing to help her and Eric manage their large brood.

Courtney sells jewelry online that she wears on the show

Fans of the show might also be aware that Courtney has a jewelry line, with pieces she’s often seen wearing on the show and on social media, most notably her beaded hoop earrings.

Her website sells everything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even face masks and key rings. Every order includes a signed pic of her kids.

Courtney shared some new jewelry available on the site with the caption, “Check out these new items I just added to Great Mother’s Day gifts!! [heart emoji] and as always each order comes with a signed picture of the sextuplets and the big boys!! I get so many messages of how you all love the picture that comes in your order!!”

“We’ve done that since the very first order and will continue!! [heart eyes emoji] That’s our way of saying thank you ALL for supporting us and being such an encouragement to our family!! [heart emoji] Go to or click the link in my bio,” she concluded.

The Waldrops have also been busy with their house undergoing renovations and recently shared a sweet story of a baby calf that survived a storm on their farm.

Fans of the show are anxiously awaiting official word for the return of Season 4 of the show.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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