Survivor sneak peeks for new episode reveal Shan vs Ricard drama, Merge feast hints at leaving people out

Ua Tribe Final Two
The Ua Tribe has only two people left on Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor sneak peeks and some interesting images have been revealed in advance of the new episode on Wednesday night.

The Survivor promo for Season 41, Episode 6 already revealed hints that host Jeff Probst is about to shake things up, but it got even more interesting when the latest information was released.

What has definitely been made obvious to Survivor fans is that a twist is coming and that it is going to be something else intended to make the show seem fresh in its 41st season.

Some of the twists have already included a three-way Individual Immunity Idol and the secret ability to steal that Idol from someone.

Survivor sneak peeks for new episode

Below are two sneak peek videos that have been released for the October 27 episode of Survivor 41. In the first video, we see Shantel Smith and Ricard Foye have a disagreement about the extra vote he had been holding for her. It foreshadows some drama coming up between them.

In the second Survivor 41, Episode 6 sneak peek, we get to see the Yase Tribe enjoying themselves after winning the last Immunity Challenge. Xander Hastings, Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely, and Liana Wallace are really enjoying their time together now.

A possible look at the Survivor merge feast

Some new images were released to social media today by Survivor, showcasing what is going to be taking place during the next episode. And in one of the images, something quite noteworthy can be seen.

What we already know is that the castaways will be drawing rocks after they drop their buffs on Wednesday night, but it hasn’t been made clear why they are doing that. Could it be because not everyone is going to get to enjoy the feast?

Looking closer at the table that is set with all of the food, there are only six place settings. Does this mean only six of the final 12 people are going to get to enjoy the merge feast? That might be a guess, but it is certainly worth noting that there are so few places to sit.

As a reminder, it was Genie Chen who got voted out at the last Tribal Council, leaving just 12 people competing for the $1 million prize. If they are going to have a final three again this season, we may also be at the phase where the Survivor jury starts forming.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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