Survivor recap: Will the Immunity Idol holder please stand up?

Survivor 41 Ep 5 Image
Shantel Smith, Genie Chen, and Ricard Foye tried to keep the Ua Tribe alive on a new episode of Survivor. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The fifth episode from the new season of Survivor aired on Wednesday night, revealing what was next for the 13 remaining castaways.

On the last episode of Survivor, it was JD Robinson who got eliminated after he was duped and then blindsided by his tribe.

The Ua Tribe was down to just three people and that was going to put them in a very difficult position to survive the next challenge.

The new episode jumped right into Genie looking for an Individual Immunity Idol. Genie did find something and she immediately ran to tell Shan and Ricard about it. Shan talked Genie out of even opening it, with the tribe agreeing to leave it behind on the beach.

Later, Shan and Ricard chatted about it on their own, and then went back to get the clue without Genie even knowing. They read the clue and learned the phrase that they needed to say at the next Immunity Challenge.

Since Shan opened the package, she lost her vote until the Idol got activated, so she gave Ricard the vote she had convinced JD to let her hold during the last episode. And then, Ricard went to Genie and said that they should “pretend” to say the phrase, creating a situation where Shan was safe to say it.

Survivor 41, Episode 5 recap

A really intense Immunity Challenge (all on land) awaited the three tribes on this episode. Host Jeff Probst called it “the hottest spot in Fiji if not on the Earth” as they all got ready to play in the new competition.

As Jeff was chatting, Shantel said her phrase, followed soon by Xander Hastings also saying his phrase. Then, surprisingly, Naseer Muttalif said a phrase, right before we saw a flashback to when he found the advantage just outside of his camp.

The three-way Hidden Immunity Idol had been activated, giving Shan, Xander, and Naseer their votes back and a huge advantage in the game. Would it impact how everything else played out for the rest of the episode?

Immunity Challenge and a Reward Challenge

The first tribe to finish would get a giant tarp, and the second tribe to finish would get a smaller shelter. The loser of the three tribes was going to be heading to Tribal Council, and the Ua Tribe really wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to be them.

The Yase Tribe won the challenge, with the Luvu Tribe coming in second place. This meant that Ua was going to be heading right back to Tribal Council, so one of Shan, Genie, or Ricard was about to get voted out of the game.

Shan and Liana Wallace were the two people sent off to possibly gain reward/punishment on the hike. They bonded really well during their time together, with Shan letting Liana know she now had an Immunity Idol. Liana also made sure Shan knew that Xander now has his own Idol.

Shan protected her vote and told Liana what she was doing so that Liana could get an advantage. She got the “Knowledge is Power” advantage. She was allowed to ask one player a question and they had to answer truthfully. If Liana asked someone if they had an Idol and they did, she would get it. It was a really interesting power to possess.

Another Tribal Council for the Ua Tribe

Genie, Shan, and Ricard had to face another Tribal Council to wrap up the episode.

Genie Chen got voted off of Survivor 41.

That brings an end to the Survivor 41, Episode 5 recap. The new TV ratings for Fall 2021 have also come out, and here is a look at how Survivor 41 is doing.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Im with you…wrong is wrong no matter who you are. They are building on race hate and I will not be part of it!! Im done survivor!