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Survivor ratings are in for the week and it’s all great news

Survivor S41 Ep 7
A chaotic Tribal Council took place during a new episode of Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor ratings have been released for the current week and it is great news across the board.

Within the updated numbers, more viewers tuned in this week than last week, and there was also a huge bump in the 18-49 demographic.

Viewers aged 18-49 are key for advertisers, so networks want those numbers to be strong every night.

Last week, the Survivor ratings experienced a sharp decline, suggesting that viewers were really starting to tune out from the show.

But this week, the numbers did bounce back a bit and it provides a stronger outlook for the remainder of the Fall 2021 season on CBS.

A look at the Survivor ratings for this week

For the Survivor episode that aired on November 3, CBS drew an estimated 5.471 million viewers. Survivor also notched a 0.97 mark in the 18-49 demo.

From week to week, that is a 15.48 percent improvement in the key demo and a 2.9 percent improvement in the overall viewership numbers. That is a great sign for Survivor 41 and the total ratings for the Fall 2021 installment.

In terms of total viewers, Survivor finished second in the timeslot behind Chicago Med at NBC, but Survivor won the timeslot in the key demo. In fact, Survivor did more than just win the timeslot, it was the most-watched show on Wednesday night for that age group.

Too many Survivor twists and turns?

There have been some complaints from Survivor fans about the current season being too “busy” and that it is the reason that the ratings have been down overall.

After the long hiatus between the time that Survivor 40 finished in Spring 2020 and when Survivor 41 started up in Fall 2021, it seemed like many fans of the show just wanted some familiarity. Instead, host Jeff Probst and the producers have presented a lot of twists that are easy to forget from week to week.

On the latest episode, Erika Casupanan smashed an hourglass that activated a new twist, forcing people who thought they were safe to play in a new Individual Immunity Challenge. The episode then worked its way to a very surprising outcome and some extremely memorable moments during the Tribal Council.

The stage is set for even more drama to play out among the final 11 castaways, but there are also Survivor rumors floating around about another big twist coming this fall. Hopefully, it is a good one that creates continued interest and helps push the Survivor 41 ratings up even more.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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