Survivor promo: New episode puts Erika Casupanan on the spot

New Survivor Episode Image
Erika Casupanan has the spotlight on her for Survivor 41, Episode 7. Pic credit: CBS

The new episode of Survivor 41 is going to be heavily impacted by Erika Casupanan.

During the last episode, several huge twists were presented on Survivor. One of them involved how the merge happened, but it was in the final moments that Survivor fans saw the biggest twist of the season (so far).

That action-packed night of Survivor 41 began with 10 people competing just to make it to the merge, and it ended with a twist that allows Erika to possibly turn back time.

As a reminder, host Jeff Probst stopped by Exile Island to give Erika an hourglass that can really shake up the game. If Erika decides to break the hourglass, the people who won the merge challenge will lose their safety. It will also make the five people who lost that challenge (as well as herself) immune from getting voted out.

And it looks like the new episode of Survivor is going to start out with Erika explaining to the rest of the cast what she decided to do with that possible advantage.

Survivor 41, Episode 7 synopsis

Below is the full synopsis that CBS has revealed for Survivor 41, Episode 7. This new episode is called There’s Gonna Be Blood and it airs for the first time on Wednesday, November 3 at 8/7c on CBS.

“Castaways compete in their first individual immunity challenge in the game. Also, Erika has been on Exile Island for two days, where she must make the biggest decision in the game thus far.”

Survivor TV promo for There’s Gonna Be Blood

Here is the television promo that NBC is currently airing for the new episode of the show. We are definitely in store for some drama, no matter what Erika has decided to do with her new power. And since she became a target for the next Tribal Council already, her fate is on the line either way.

The new season of Survivor has been packed with twists

There have been a lot of new twists and turns to Survivor for this new season. Though they are still playing the game in Fiji, Jeff Probst and the other producers have introduced a lot of new elements in order to add some fresh excitement to the game.

Some of the changes haven’t gone over well with some Survivor fans, but the changes to the game have definitely made things even more interesting. One of the problems, though, is that the rushed game during a shorter season has left less time to focus on all of the castaways. That will change as more people get voted off, but some viewers still don’t know the names of everyone playing this season.

A new report on the Survivor Fall 2021 ratings has come out that shows a downturn in numbers, but there are still millions of viewers tuning in to watch each new episode. Hopefully, with the next new episode, which is basically the second part of the last episode, the Survivor ratings will go up again.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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