Survivor winner Erika Casupanan announces ‘I’m a lesbian’

Survivor alum Erika Casupanan shared some huge news with her social media followers this weekend. Viewers first met her as a member of the Survivor 41 cast, and Erika has kept busy since then, hosting a podcast that “puts the spotlight on the overlooked and underestimated.” Erika became the Survivor 41 winner by being underestimated.


Survivor 41 winner Erika Casupanan shares her audition video clip

Survivor 41 winner Erika Casupanan shared a fun clip from her audition tape that she filmed to be on the show. Erika has been very active on social media since winning the latest season of Survivor, providing her followers with a lot of great content and insights into how she approached the game. Even as


Survivor recap: Erika Casupanan can be a hero and a villain

The new episode of Survivor started out with a huge recap about what has happened so far this season, giving viewers a second chance to see who has all the advantages and what led up to the pseudo merge. In regard to that merge, we saw it begin on the last episode of Survivor 41.


Survivor promo: New episode puts Erika Casupanan on the spot

The new episode of Survivor 41 is going to be heavily impacted by Erika Casupanan. During the last episode, several huge twists were presented on Survivor. One of them involved how the merge happened, but it was in the final moments that Survivor fans saw the biggest twist of the season (so far). That action-packed