Survivor winner Erika Casupanan announces ‘I’m a lesbian’

Erika Survivor 41
Erika Casupanan from Survivor 41 shared some big news. Pic credit: Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan/YouTube

Survivor alum Erika Casupanan shared some huge news with her social media followers this weekend.

Viewers first met her as a member of the Survivor 41 cast, and Erika has kept busy since then, hosting a podcast that “puts the spotlight on the overlooked and underestimated.”

Erika became the Survivor 41 winner by being underestimated. Midway through the season, she was left out of a challenge and sent to Exile Island.

While on Exile Island for Survivor 41, Erika was presented an hourglass by host Jeff Probst. If she smashed it, she could have the immunity taken from the team that had won it. She did, ushering in a new era of people having to compete to earn the merge.

At the end of that season, Xander Hastings won the final Immunity Challenge and elected to take Erika with him to the final three. Deshawn Radden then beat Heather Aldret in the Fire Challenge.

The Survivor 41 jury loved Erika, naming her Sole Survivor in a 7-1 vote over Deshawn. Xander received no votes.

Erika Casupanan has a huge announcement

“I was wearing rainbow socks what did I expect??” reads the caption to a new Instagram post from Erika.

But the text written over a video of Erika enjoying a beverage reveals the background of her post.

“Throwback to last New Year’s Eve when I tried to do the ‘eat grapes while sitting under a table at midnight and you’ll get a boyfriend by the end of the year’ trend, but I didn’t have grapes so I chugged wine and instead that year I realized I’m a lesbian,” Erika wrote.

“Close enough, right?” Erika finished her post with a rainbow emoji and a content face.

Messages of support for Erika from Survivor alums

Many comments have been posted on Erika’s revelation by former Survivor players.

“I HAD A GAY ALLIANCE?!” exclaimed Ricard Foye from Erik’s Survivor season.

“Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh congrats!!!! YAY!” wrote Evvie Jagoda from Survivor 41.

“Proud of you,” noted Romeo Escobar from Survivor 41. He also shared a heart and rainbow emoji.

Erika's Messages Of Support
Survivor slums cheer on Erika for her revelation. Pic credit: @Erika_Cas/Instagram

More news from Survivor

Survivor winner Parvati Shallow announced she is “queer” this weekend. The four-time Survivor player teased a new relationship in her social media post.

Parvati and another Survivor winner are on The Traitors this winter. It is the second season of the hit reality competition show. The new season features people from Survivor, Love Island, Big Brother, and many other shows.

Survivor returns on February 28 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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