Survivor Ponderosa for Shan: Fans really want it to drop – is a twist coming?

Shan Survivor Vote Out
Shan got blindsided at a Survivor 41 Tribal Council. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor Ponderosa footage has been getting released soon after each jury member is eliminated at Tribal Council.

Last week, we got to watch as Naseer Muttalif and Evvie Jagoda were shown arriving at Ponderosa, giving them a place to stay as new members of the jury.

After their elimination episode aired on CBS, Naseer and Evvie took the time to answer fan questions online.

On the latest episode of Survivor 41, we watched as Shantel Smith got voted out at Tribal Council. But Shan’s Ponderosa has not yet been released, nor has she answered questions from Survivor fans about that exit.

Survivor fans really want to see Shan at Ponderosa

Shan has a lot of Survivor fans who want to see more footage from her. Quite a few of them have posted on social media about their need to see Shan’s Ponderosa footage and to get her reactions after being voted out of the game with an Individual Immunity Idol still in her pocket.

Is a Survivor twist coming that saves Shan in the game?

There are quite a few Survivor fans who are of the opinion that the lack of Ponderosa footage for Shan and the fact that she hasn’t answered questions on social media for the show yet means she is returning to the game.

That might just be wishful thinking for some of Shan’s fans, especially since Thanksgiving week could have delayed some content getting released, but it is something a lot of people are posting about on social media.

Even more fans want Shan to get another chance at the game during a future season of the show. She definitely established herself as a possible candidate for a villain’s season. With the tune that she hums, she already has a theme song that Survivor producers could use again down the road.

Shan Possible Survivor Twist
A possible Shan Survivor twist? Pic credit: @mattybum25/Twitter

More Survivor 41 episodes left to come

The Survivor 41 TV schedule still has a few episodes left on it, which is where Survivor fans will find out who has made it all the way to the end. There is a $1 million prize on the line and just seven (or maybe eight?) people who still have a chance at taking it home.

There are some fans who are hoping that Shan will be back in the game for the next new episode, but it’s also possible that we will just see her as the latest member of the Survivor 41 jury.

If she is heading to the jury, we will probably get to see her Ponderosa footage and some reactions from her after that fateful Tribal Council where she got blindsided with an Individual Immunity Idol still in her pocket.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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