Survivor 46’s Liz Wilcox speaks about ‘incredibly emotional journey’ in new video from Ponderosa

Liz Wilcox playing Survivor
The Spring 2024 season of Survivor featured Liz Wilcox as a castaway. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 featured a very polarizing character in Liz Wilcox.

Many soundbites came from Liz, most notably when she got upset for not being invited to enjoy Applebee’s food as a challenge reward.

Liz also frequently spoke about her allergies during Survivor confessionals and how that made the game difficult.

Liz made it to the final four in Fiji despite any disadvantages she was experiencing from the food situation.

Had Liz won that final Immunity Challenge instead of Ben Katz, it may have completely changed what happened with the jury votes.

As it turned out, Liz lost the Fire-Making Challenge to Kenzie Petty, giving Kenzie an additional accomplishment on her resume that the jurors loved.

A new Survivor 46 video released from Ponderosa

Survivor released a new video that featured Liz Wilcox the day after she was eliminated.

Liz went to Ponderosa for only a few days, as she finished in fourth place and the winner was decided the day after her elimination.

Liz felt she was about to win the game if she made it to the final three, so she was initially frustrated with her elimination.

“I’ve realized who Liz is and Liz is a fighter,” the video begins with her saying.

The video then progresses to Liz speaking about getting eliminated on Day 25 (of a 26-day season).

“How am I feeling? Kinda crappy to be honest,” she reveals.

“Playing Survivor was a lot different than I thought it would be. I thought I was gonna be loud and proud,” Liz adds later in the video.

Check out the full video that Survivor 46 shared for Liz Wilcox below.

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After Survivor 46 aired its finale, Liz shared a fun post on Instagram speaking about Kenzie.

“The universe is magic and so are you. Thanks for being yourself and for loving all of me. I’m celebrating you, your family, and your win right now and forever, friend,” Liz wrote to Kenzie.

“What an honor to lose fire to someone so deserving of the title and million dollars. The stars knew what they were doing that night. (And so did you!),” she added to her post featuring several fun photos with the duo.

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Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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