Drew from Survivor tries to win Jeopardy! for a third-straight time

Drew Survivor 45
Returning champion on Jeopardy! became the new nickname for Drew Basile from Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor alum Drew Basile appeared on Jeopardy! again Friday night.

It was the third straight Jeopardy! episode for Drew, who had won his first two appearances.

Drew began his run by knocking off 15-day returning champion Adriana Harmeyer.

That first Jeopardy! episode netted Drew $23,482 and he looked to add to his total the next night.

His second episode was more difficult, but Drew finished with $9,800 and became a two-day champion.

Could Drew win again on Friday night and add to his two-day winnings?

Drew Basile appears on Jeopardy! for a third time

Government relations professional Josh Heit and substitute teacher Rachelle Brown stood in the way of Drew Basile on the episode from June 21.

$33,282 was Drew’s two-day winnings as host Ken Jennings got the new episode rolling.

Drew started it off by going for $600 in the category of Fictional Characters. He got it wrong, sending him negative to begin the night.

The two challengers got early questions correct to put them further ahead, but Drew roared back before the first commercial break.

Halfway through that first round, Drew had $2,800, Josh had $2,600, and Rachelle had $800.

Josh later found the Daily Double for the first round but lost all his money by getting it wrong.

Drew finished the first round with the lead and $4,400. Rachelle had $2,800, and Josh had $2,000.

Can Drew hold the lead and win Jeopardy! again?

Rachelle found the first Daily Double in Double Jeopardy! and had a chance to take the lead. She missed it and dropped to $1,000.

Drew found the second Daily Double and smiled ahead of taking a huge lead with a score of $15,600.

Drew finished the second round with $20,000, followed by Josh at $10,000 and Rachelle at $1,000. The scores were oddly spaced ahead of the Final Jeopardy! segment.

The final category was Sports for the trio of players. The clue was about a baseball player who broke a longtime record in the Deep South.

Rachelle dropped to $995 by answering incorrectly. Josh moved up to $20,000 by answering correctly with Hank Aaron.

Would Drew also find the correct answer and continue his run on Jeopardy!?

Drew got it right. He had wagered $0. This means Drew and Josh were tied and the host had to give a final tiebreaker clue.

The first person to ring in with the correct response during the tiebreaker would be declared the winner. The stakes were intense.

Drew rang in first and was correct, giving him another win and a three-day total of $53,282.

Drew will return for the Monday episode (June 25) to defend his title.

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