Survivor 44: Who holds advantages after Episode 2?

Survivor 44 Frannie
Frannie Marin played on the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: CBS/Robert Voets

Survivor 44, Episode 2, brought more advantages into the game but left one tribe in a really difficult position.

On the season premiere of Survivor 44, four medical emergencies took place, resulting in one of the castaways getting medically evacuated.

Bruce Perreault didn’t make it out of the first day after hitting his head, but Jeff Probst invited Bruce back for a new season, so his story isn’t over yet.

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Then, Maddy Pomilla was eliminated by a 1-0 Tribal Council vote when the Ratu Tribe had to sit down with Jeff Probst.

In the second episode that just aired, Helen Li (Tika) was eliminated from the game on a 3-1 vote, with Carolyn, Yam Yam, and Carson teaming up to vote her out.

Tika now has just four players left playing, as that is the same tribe that Bruce played on. They could be at a huge disadvantage moving forward.

Survivor advantages carried over from Episode 1

Lauren has an extra vote that she can use at any future Tribal Council. That’s a big deal, especially when the castaways are still split up into three tribes.

Sarah possesses a unique Inheritance Advantage, which she can use to take control of all advantages (including Idols) that are played during a specific future Tribal Council. That could be huge.

Brandon was the first person to get inside one of the birdcages, and he earned an Immunity Idol, but he already used it at the first Tribal Council to guarantee his own safety.

New Survivor advantages gained in Episode 2

A lot of drama surrounding the birdcages played out in Episode 2, giving validity to this new twist that the Survivor producers are trying out.

Danny found the birdcage key at his beach (Soka) and used it to nab the Immunity Idol. Nobody else knows that Danny has it in his possession. He also reset the cage to make it look like nobody had opened it yet.

Carolyn found a key at her beach (Tika), gaining her own Immunity Idol as a result. She was able to keep her advantage a secret, but the rest of her tribe is very aware that someone got into their birdcage.

Carolyn was able to hold on to her Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, despite getting placed in a very stressful position. This makes her alliance with Yam Yam and Carson even stronger.

As a quick recap, the three people who have been eliminated so far are Bruce Perreault (Tika), Maddy Pomilla (Ratu), and Helen Li (Tika).

And the people currently holding Immunity Idols are drug counselor Carolyn Wiger and firefighter Danny Massa.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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