Survivor 42 ratings: Updated numbers signal rough start to season

Jenny Kim Survivor 42
Jenny Kim is a member of the Survivor 42 cast, and she survived the premiere episode. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 ratings for the season premiere have been updated and the live numbers are pretty rough.

Despite an exciting new cast and a lot of positive buzz, the show has taken another hit in overall viewership for the live episodes.

Wednesday has been a competitive night among the networks again this year, but NBC is still way out in front with its new seasons of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

The good news for Survivor, though, is that even though the show finished way behind Chicago Med and Chicago Fire in terms of total live viewers on March 9, the reality competition show did do pretty well in the key demographics.

Additional good news comes from the buzz following Jackson Fox getting medically eliminated from the show. It has created a lot of additional attention, so that might help bump up the show in Week 2.

Survivor 42 ratings for season premiere

In the updated Survivor 42 ratings for March 9, the show brought in an estimated 4.96 million viewers who watched the episode live. The show also notched a 0.84 rating in the viewers aged 18-49.

For the 8/7c timeslot, Survivor finished in second place to the roughly seven million viewers and 0.85 rating for Chicago Med. Not bad overall, but it was a downturn from the Survivor 41 ratings, suggesting some viewers haven’t returned to the show.

Survivor 42 ratings vs Survivor 41 ratings

When comparing the Survivor 42 ratings to past seasons, lets first look at the Spring 2020 season, which was the last time the show aired in the spring. That was Survivor 40, and the show averaged a 1.48 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.63 million viewers per episode.

In Fall 2021, the Survivor 41 ratings started out with about 6.25 million viewers tuning in for the season premiere. For the full season, Survivor 41 averaged an estimated 5.56 million viewers per episode with a 0.93 rating among viewers aged 18-49. Those numbers were a big dip from the previous season, with the show losing viewers while it was off of television for a year during the pandemic.

Survivor 42 ratings do yield some good news for fans

Even though the Survivor 42 ratings indicate a rough start for the show this winter/spring, there is still a lot of good news to focus on. When it comes to people watching the episodes later on the DVR, through OnDemand, or on Paramount+, the show is adding millions of viewers to its totals.

With a lot of Survivor fans tuning in to watch the episodes later, advertisers can still get in contact with viewers. And that’s where the money is for CBS, which is why the network has already ordered Survivor 43 for Fall 2022 and Survivor 44 for Spring 2023.

The Fantasy Survivor game is also back for fans who want to get even deeper into the show.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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10 months ago

Like so duh. When you ostracize 88% of the viewing audience with your sociopolitical delusional hollyweird crap, whatya expect?! CBS reality shows all have been ruined and the stats prove it. Good riddance.

9 months ago

What a woke and ridiculous show this has turned onto. Transexual, Gay, Black is now all that matters. Don’t vote them off! If you do, you’re a Racist , Homophobe or some other Phone. How about the fact that most are angry a**holes and no one else wants to be around them. We all know who’s gonna win this year. What a joke Survivor has turned into. No more!

9 months ago

After never missing a season, I cancelled Survivor during Season 41. CBS’s need to push the woke agenda – not to mention its pandering affirmative action contestant policies that over-represents one particular minority group to a fault – killed Big Brother and now it has killed Survivor. Great job, CBS!

Pat Larsen
Pat Larsen
7 months ago

New name for Survivor how about whoever can tell the saddest story without any abilities

4 months ago

After the 1st episode and all the woke crap I turned it off and never watched again. DONE!!