Fantasy Survivor game returns, Jeff Probst urges fans to play

Survivor 42 Episode 1
Mike Turner, Chanelle Howell, Hai Giang, Daniel Strunk, and Jenny Kim on Survivor 42, Episode 1. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Fantasy Survivor is back for Season 42 of the hit reality competition show. And ahead of the season premiere, Jeff Probst helped create some additional buzz in order to get fans to play the game.

A game that is accessible through the Facebook mobile app, Fantasy Survivor allows fans of the show to get even more involved with the episodes and the cast. It’s also a great way to get very familiar with the new cast of characters.

As a reminder, the Survivor 42 season premiere arrives on Wednesday, March 9, with 18 new castaways competing for the $1 million prize. The first episode is two hours long and it is going to be a good treat for viewers.

There are also some intriguing Survivor 42 spoilers that were revealed in a sneak peek, as we got to see what looks to be the first new twist set to appear this season. Jeff Probst revealed that there are also some twists that were used in Survivor 41 that we will see again.

How do you play the Fantasy Survivor game?

It’s very easy to play Fantasy Survivor on the Facebook app, but winning against groups of friends or strangers is where the challenge comes in. To play the game, a Facebook user must simply log in and then choose a player from each group of players. Those three players will gain points during the episode based on what they do and how well they compete.

For the Survivor 42 season premiere, Chanelle, Daniel, Hai, Jenny, Lydia, and Mike are in Group 1. Making up Group 2 is Jackson, Jonathan, Lindsay, Marya, Maryanne, and Omar. And in Group 3 we have Drea, Rocksroy, Romeo, Swati, Tori, and Zach.

How do you get points in the Fantasy Survivor game?

After selecting the three players that the user will be cheering on, there are then some questions to answer about the game. The questions include deciding if a new game element will be introduced or if someone will get voted out unanimously. Those questions are worth five points each.

In the game itself, Survivor castaways get points for strategizing, for finding Hidden Immunity Idols, for surviving the episode, and many other elements. There are even easy points to acquire by the castaway simply answering a question from Jeff Probst or helping out at camp.

A public leaderboard is visible for everyone to see, users can share their picks online, and users can also take part in groups created by friends, families, or even co-workers. This is the ultimate way to secure bragging rights about the show and for those Survivor fans who claim things are predictable to prove how much they can actually predict.

Just make sure to get those picks secured and locked in before the new episodes begin airing on the East Coast each week (8 p.m. ET).

As a reminder, Survivor 42 debuts on Wednesday, March 9 with a two-hour episode.

There are also some Big Brother rumors about a Survivor-themed season coming out soon. That could be very interesting.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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